Sony NWZ-B172F Flash MP3 Player (2GB) - Gold

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  1. sagar khichi
    "Sony NWZ-B172 is a small player which works really great in the price point it is available.....nice and decent sound "
    Pros - nice decent and balanced sound with battery back up upto 15 hours music playing
    Cons - feels it lacks power on some of the headphones such as (hd 439, hd 239)

    Sony NWZ-B172 is very good player for casual listening the sound i s good as i am using it with my pmx 60 and hd 203 it has a proper balance sound. i just love it for its size and decent sound,dont expect too much from its a normal player with 5 equalizer settings with customizable single equalizer with a bass boost option. good for the the beginners or casual listeners...