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  1. Medikill
    An odd take on Sony House Signature
    Written by Medikill
    Published Sep 20, 2019
    Pros - Soundstage
    Instrument seperation
    Relaxed sound signature
    Good treble
    Bass (with EQ)
    Cons - Lack of Bass (w/o EQ)
    Odd sounding mids
    Bought these brand new direcly from Sony Australia with my own money. Though are a ridiculous discount ($440 AUD - they are $1300 New). As Such, i will be rating these in terms of a <$500 AUD (<$350 USD) set of cans. As if they were to be rated at the RRP, i would give them a 2.5 - 3/5

    Campfire Audio Cascade

    Hiby R5
    Macbook Pro

    Bass response: Drake MIA, Ed Sheeran South of Boarder
    Mid response: Ed Sheeran South of the boarder, Toto Africa, Sam smith How do you sleep
    Treble response: sam smith How do you sleep, Dj snake You know you like it

    Not bad.
    The cables are really good. And cool of sony to include a balanced 4.4mm out of the box.
    Only caveat, the 3.5mm SE cable is retardedly long. Like 2m long.

    Very nice build quality.
    Aluminum finishings everywhere

    Head band and pads are supple and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
    The sony is more comfortable than the Cascades, as the cascade i noticed kept having point tenderness on the top of my head.

    • Bass: Lackluster at best. But... Responds really well to EQ. It's really biazzare, as the older borther to the Z7m2 the Z1R has very good, overly emphasized bass. It has a slow decay and isn't visceral without EQ. With EQ it sounds really nice. A boomy, yet controlled sound. The Cascades easily win here. Boom BOOM BOOM.
    • Mids: Decent, though at times it feels very ?distant. I know that's a weird way to describe a sound signature but it's what it sounded like. Even still, the Sony manages to beat out the Casade, in which the mids are recessed.
    • Treble: Nicely done, has an airiness to it. Isn't silibant at all (the cascade had harsher sound treble). Not much else to remark here.
    • Stage: The stage is wide. It is better than the cascade (which has a congested characteristic). Of course not as wide as an open back set of cans, but decent.
    • Instrument seperation: I think the Z7m2 does really well here. It is able to seperate instruments very very well.
    • Reproduction accuracy: In comparsion to the Cascades, the Z7m2 wins here. However, neither are awefullly good at accuracy. particularly the m2 which the FR is hard to gauge when listneing to them.
    Again, at 1300 AUD RRP, these are, in no way, worth it. At $440 AUD, the case for these becomes more convincing. I wasn't able to pin down a genre these shone at, but it seemed to me, it was very good at instrumental stuff (although i, myself, don't listen to too much instrumental stuff). Further, if these are bought at the RRP i would rate these a 2.5/5. But, at $450, i think they are definetly a 4/5, down to the laid back easy to listne to sound signature and good response to EQ.
    1. dhruvmeena96
      Sony Z7mk2 predecessor is Z7.

      And the Z7 was bass king

      Z1R doesnt even touch that bass level
      dhruvmeena96, Sep 20, 2019
    2. Medikill
      Haven't heard the Z7 before, but the Z7m2 was underwhelming
      This doesn't seem like an upgrade from the Z7 rather a side-then-down grade
      Medikill, Sep 20, 2019