Sony MDR-EX71SLA Fontopia Bud-Style Headphones with Case (Black)

General Information

Fontopia® Headphones in-the-ear design --- fits snugly, yet comfortably inside the ear; eliminates the headband so you can enjoy music while exercising, skating or dancing Sony's first closed-type Fontopia design --- reduces outside noise for high-intensity listening; helps generate powerful, resonant bass response New, super-small 9 mm drivers --- are a key enabling technology; ultra-compact drivers produce powerful sound with space left over for the sonic isolation of Sony's newly-designed silicon earbuds

Latest reviews

Pros: very comfortable, lasted a long time
Cons: lacks grunt and "hollow" Sony say they won't supply spare tips
I've had these for years and years. I don't even remember for how long. I think it's been 6 or 8 years. Bought them on the high street for 20 quid. They came with a "case" that just a tiny piece of plastic to hold the buds. The case went in the bin. They also came with three pairs of buds in different sizes. The middle set fitted me well and are comfortable. The cable has never been prone to excessive tangles and is completely intact, despite years of not so careful use.
The buds don't sit very deep in the ear, but the units themselves are small and you hardly feel them. This is a major plus. They have a foam-like plug that stops them getting filled with wax. The sound is reasonable for the price but, compared to my other buds, they lack grunt in the lower end of the range and sound somewhat hollow.
These earphones would be a reasonable bet for taking places where they might get trashed and you wouldn't want to take your nicer earphones. e.g. the gym.
I originally had two set of these, but lost one of the buds on the second set. I contacted Sony and they said they didn't sell replacement buds. 
I had a pair of these and your review is spot on. After something like 6 or 7 years, the right ear bud finally bought the proverbial farm. They were great for what they were: last decade's technology.


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