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In-line microphone for phone calls.Assignable controls for smartphone control and integration.9mm high sensitivity driver.Neodymium magnet for a more powerful sound delivery.Hybrid silicone rubber earbuds for a comfortable and secure fit.

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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Sound is very good mids and bass centered earphones. Light weight. Comfortable.
Cons: Made really delicate.
These are better than I thought they were going to be.
Bass is clean, good sub-bass as well from such small low cost earphones
Mids are clear and forward.
Highs have a reasonable extension but are not the main focus.
The build quality is not great but it's comfortable for long use and it works great for sleeping too.
Not bad


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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Comfortable and pretty good sounding
Cons: Can't find any glaring fault
Honestly I got these because I needed cheap (<€20) in-ears that where black and ergonomic enough e.g. not pods but true in-ears, to block a bit of external sound and leak no sound. Also preferably with the bent form, so that they would align better into the ear canal. Intended for radio or podcast listening while on train commute, also some music, in any case not so much for any critical listening.
Went to a Saturn store here in Germany, the only ones they had that matched the above criteria were these. Surprised to have found out, cable is pretty soft and user-friendly, the headphones are pretty comfortable, make a decent seal, and offer pretty good rumbling bass, and decent treble. In fact, I must say they sound surprisingly good to me right out of my Samsung Galaxy or my Asus laptop. I'm not a huge fan of the Sony brand, but these I'd say are a pretty good value.
The model I got was MDR EX110L which was €19.99 (about $21.30 right now.) There was another model (ending not with the L but something else, maybe the AP) with microphone and volume control on the cable. That one was €25, but I stuck with the simpler and cheaper one. (will rate the microphone just average not to artificially lower that rating here for this AP model.) Recommended.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Balance, Immersion, Mids, Bass
Cons: Trebles could use a bit of improvement
These are a Massive improvement on the 100aps, first of all the bass is so much more punchy and rich. Secondly, the mids are much more clean than the former model and the treble is a bit tinny but the punchy bass makes up for that. 
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