An excellent choice for both reference monitoring and audio mixing applications, the 7510...

Sony MDR-7510 Professional Studio Headphones with 50mm Driver Unit

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  • An excellent choice for both reference monitoring and audio mixing applications, the 7510 extends the MDR-7500 line with a new fixed design of rugged construction. With 50mm drivers utilizing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) diaphragms, these headphones provide a wide frequency response, broad dynamic range and accurate sound reproduction.The 7510 offers high power handling capability and uses neodymium magnets and OFC (oxygen-free copper) voice coils. Noise isolation earpads with pliable cushion material conform to the natural shape of the ear and provide comfort and acoustic isolation.

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  1. Jazmanaut
    "If you like warm and punchy sounding headphones, with low budged and good design and comfort, these might be it"
    Pros - Good and sturdy design. Quite comfortable for closed design. Proper sound image, punchy bass. Nice detailed sound. Good damping.
    Cons - Hyped bass, lack of detail in upper mids and a bit muddy overall sound.
    I´m professional live and studio engineer and i bought these one to try out if these could replace my trusty MDR-7506:s that are coming to the end of their lifespan.
    Im always looking good and flat and detailed overallresponce, that is true to original signal and not hyped at any way. I also need headphones that are sturdy, comfy and dampens outside well.
    I also need to play them LOUD in time to time, because i need to hear small details, in noisy places (as festivals, clubs and such)
    In studio, i refer all of my other headphones to my Grado SP125: that are truly amazing and a way a bit dull headgears. And dull is a good thing, when you have to listen by profession and trust that what you are hearing, is all that there is. Grados are openback headphones, so they don´t compare straight to these Sonys, but thats what im after anyway. Older MDR 7506 are truly nice ones, with bass that is not very hyped at al, but goes really low. And there is not many annoying peaks or dips in frequency responce.
    So what about these new 7510:s? Build quality seems to be very nice and sturdy, even that they are made of plastic. They are very comfy too. When you put them on, first impression is: Whoa! There is bass and its very punchy and detailed. Soundstage is nice and well controlled too. There are details in there ok, and you can hear everything just nice. Dynamics works well and stuf... But are these a bit dull sounding? Too nice? A bit honky at lo mids/upper bass?
    So i grabbed my Grados and older Sonys to compare, and ouch! Everything sounds too bright and where did that bass go? ...Ah, this is just how it supposed to sound :D Hmm that says alot.
    So, after hours of analytic listening i find that these are nice headphones if you are after for nice and punchy sound, not truefull monitor quality sound but still quite nice and detailed, these might be for you.
    Everything sounds pleasant.
    If only there would be less going on in 200-300hz and more on around 5 kilos, and slight shelve boost after 12kHz they were a way nicer headphones. Well. at least they are not harsh.
    (And yes, you can Eq, them if you must. This worked for me with precise, neutral digi Eq: - 5,5db at 198Hz 0,64Q. -5,5db 290Hz 0,71Q. +4,5db 4050Hz 0,71Q and +5,5db at 12000Hz with modest shelve.)
    I think that i´m just buying another pair of 7506:s They are not build as well as these one, they are a bit awkward and there are many not-so-good things on them, but they present way better and truefull sonalbalance to me. You know, if it sounds ****ty, i want to hear that too!
    I think that i bring these ones to the studio, to the tracking room. I bet these works for the tracking drums and such brilliantly!
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