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Sivga S01 headphone review 🎧 - Movement is life!
Pros: Excellent warm and neutral setting
Great fit and ergonomics
The controls are very simple and intuitive
Bass quality and texture are transparent and detailed
Mids are very smooth and neat
High frequencies without sibilance with excellent detail
Cons: The emphasis of low frequencies is shifted towards mid-bass, but this is normal for headphones of this type.
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Today in the review we will look at wireless air conduction headphones from the well-known and reputable company SIVGA and this model is called S01, and in the official store on Aliexpress you can buy them for $70.
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The headphones come in a rather small and cute box, and here on the front there is a drawing of the headphones themselves and the model name.


Well, at the back here are the technical characteristics of the headphones; one large dynamic driver of 16.2mm is responsible for the sound; there is support for the latest Bluetooth 5.3 and sensitivity of the headphones is 117dB and they have an 18ohm impedance,the maximum operating time is also indicated here namely 9hours at a volume of 50 %, and they charge in about 2 hours.

Let's take a look at what's included !
And now let's see what is included in the package in more detail,the first thing that greets us is very large and detailed instructions for use and configuration in different languages, and everything is described clearly, understandably and in detail!

And this is what this fairly good weighty case looks like, weighing 92grams. It has the inscription sivga and this white color indicator, and on the back there is a port for charging usb type c with this included cable.


And what I was especially pleased with was the presence of a digital display inside the case that displays the charge level of the case itself as a percentage, and the charge of the headphones, by the way, the case supports wireless charging up to 5 watts.
And this is what the headphones look like, in my opinion they are quite good and have the pure black color that I chose, and a dedicated orange button to control the volume, rewind, voice assistant and everything like that.

And it’s worth saying that they are quite light, matte plastic, so they don’t collect fingerprints, and here in front, next to the button, there is one small acoustic hole, and additional larger ones with a metal mesh for sound transmission.
And here they also have markings, so which one is the right and which one is the left earphone, I think you can determine without any problems.

Ergonomics and convenience.
But what also pleased me here is that there is an adjustment of the hooks themselves, namely the pressing force to your ear, so these headphones can be adjusted to suit you without any problems and due to this I can say that they sit on the ears noticeably better and very tightly the fit here is probably as good as possible, since they don’t fall off your ears at all, you can run, jump, train in them without any problems at all, and for these purposes I think this is a more ideal option.
1x USB type c cable for charging.

How do these headphones sound?
Well, now friends, let's talk about the most important thing, namely the sound of this model !
Low Frequencies :
Surely the first thing that interests you is how things are going here with low frequencies
and due to the design of the headphones, there will not be a huge wall of deep subwoofer bass and the pressure from it as in in-ear headphones, and this is normal.
Therefore, the emphasis of low frequencies is shifted more towards mid-bass, which is actually quite good in these headphones, there is good attack and speed, and the bass does not interfere with the mid-range and sounds quite natural and well-developed, and the textural detail is as good as for headphones of this shape factor is quite transparent and detailed.

Mid Frequencies :
Surprisingly, they sound quite transparent and airy, but the presentation itself is very warm and neutral, I like the neutral and calm sound in these headphones, that is, the Sivga sounds restrained and smooth with a sufficiently emphasized accent of transients on the drums, and no hidden weight from the instruments, although It is worth saying that the middle itself in space is presented in a rather unusual way due to the stereo images being more advanced.
High Frequencies :
Well, now let's talk about high frequencies which turned out to be quite balanced, moderately technical and detailed, there is no excessive harshness of loudness and any sibilant squeals, cymbals and percussion are slightly pushed forward and emphasized, but do not sound overly intrusive, that is, the presentation of this area turned out to be quite pleasant, warm and comfortable to the ear, and everything sounds quite restrained and smooth while maintaining a good amount of air for better image separation.
My conclusion on these headphones :
Sivga S01 turned out to be very good headphones with a pleasant and neat neural tuning for this form factor, and are excellent primarily for sports for listening to audiobooks and any podcasts and music.
Link where you can buy them!
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