Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Rafique Adzam

New Head-Fier
Pros: Build Quality,looks,connectivity,sound and comfort
Cons: Misleading info, not suitable for all ears, range is not as good as solo 3 but still good enough for average use.
The urbanite xl wireless is seemingly targeting the younger audience with its stylish looks,bluetooth connectivity and a bass emphasis.But does this deliver like it is intended to?Let's run through a detailed look at this headset.This headset looks good damn.It looks amazing.It is also very comfortable.The headband is especially comfortable,however,the clamping force on this headset might be too tight if you have big ears,but that clamping force should go away after a few days of listening through this headphones.This headphone is also incredibly durable with a strong plastic body and stainless steel hinges.It is so hard to break these.Bluetooth is very easy to use.NPC is also easy to use.It has a decent battery life with a 20-hour battery life with one full charge.Please note, this do leak sound so you better watch out.But the noise isolation is perfect on these.The outside noise is easily drowned out by this headphone's 32 mm driver.Finally,let's go to the sound.Sennheiser specifically noted that this headphone would have MASSIVE bass.I call ******** on that.It is not as punchy or deep as a subwoofer,but it is definitely there.There seems to have a slight bass emphasis over the mids or highs.It is still quite bassy.It is what I would call deep and punchy but it is not super bass.Mids and highs are still maintained making it pleasant to listen to.The bass does not affect the mid or treble too much but I can hear some muddiness sometimes but it is not that huge of an effect.The mids are impressive,really impressive.The singer's voice was outputted nicely.The singer's voice is incredibly detailed,I like that.It also has a decent sound separation separating the singer's voice from the bass or treble which is awesome!!!!!The treble is still somewhat maintained.I can hear details I never heard before and it is awesome.The beats are detailed.Now,let's talk about the sound stage.I can hear the singer's voice behind me,it is amazing.I can hear the singer's voice and the instruments at the background,it is so cool.Any headphones would have a decent soundstage if it is over-head or open-back.I am very satisfied with this headphone.I can't find anything wrong with these cans.You might want to go for some other headphones if you A.Want a bassy headphone(solo 3 or mdr xb 950bt-65bt is a very good option)B.Audiophile(Get the Sennheiser Hd series dammit)C.No money(Then don't).I think this is a mixed sound signature between bassy to audiophile.It has a little of that audiophile quality to it which is welcomed by me :)
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Sound pretty awesome, but for the price, way too dear.