Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless headphones with docking station


Pros: Nice clear sound, found it on sale, charger is easy to use and a nice stand, very lightweight and comfortable to wear
Cons: buttons on headphones are mediocre, somewhat hard to tell if power is on or off on stand and headset
Ok, well I listed a whole bunch of pros/cons up there, so here are the other things I will mention:
1.  I got these on newegg for $220.  I ended up using them virtually for everything.  One gripe I suppose is if the volume of what you're listening to is low, maxing the volume will only do so much, and that adding an amp won't do anything.  I may have just screwed this up, but I am pretty sure the signal sent from the stand to the headphones is going to cap the volume, and the headset does the rest.  I will mention that the volume is very sufficient, but I had the idea to try an amp to improve sound.
2.  Again I am going to stress these are very lightweight and comfortable, so much that at times I forget I am wearing them and like "****, are my speakers on or is this the headset?"  Everyone does gripe about the buttons on the headset, but I will say there are not an eyesore and are clean looking, and that once adjusted you rarely mess with them during your listening session.
I am giving these a 4.5 because the slight expensive cost, button frustration hardly factor in to my enjoyment of owning this headset.  If I were to having a mod for these if would be that once the headset leaves the stand it and the stand turn on, so that I don't have to bother always turning them on every time.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Sound reproduction, range, comfort
Cons: Audio hum/interference
[size=small]When I got these I had a set of HD-25s which I've had for a decade and I expected the same superior quality from Sennheiser, however I'm quite disappointed. I really want to love these headphones, I really do, but the interference in the headphones really destroys the experience.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]The build quality is good and very lightweight so I can easily watch a movie and remain comfortable, however it is plasticy feeling so they may not be very durable if they're not treated well . The buttons are difficult to locate by feel alone so I have to take them off my head most times to make volume adjustments. The base station which acts as the charging cradle is stable and easy to use.[/size]
These have really on been used in bed for watching TV shows and movies and for the sounds that are meant to be there I was blown away. Instruments in songs are very noticeable and sharp and to my feeble ears everything sounds well balanced.
But to the dealbreaker: [size=small]The worst part about these headphones is the audible hum/white noise which can be heard even in moderate volume scenes. If it wasn't for this I would give the sound quality 5/5 but this hum is unacceptable. I isolated the headphones and base station to remove interference, I sit a couple of meters away from the basestation and I had the headphones replaced, and still the hum remained.[/size]
[size=small]I don't have the best hearing in the world and I'm not an audiophile but to me when there is silence in a TV show or movie, then there should be silence in my ears. These headphones could not produce that with an audio hum always present. So in summary, if I had the money in my pocket again, I probably wouldn't buy these without seeing if there were better options available.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Only buy wireless headphones if you REALLY REALLY must buy them. You will get superior sound quality with no interference in a set of wired headphones half the price.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Just to give you an idea, I also have a [/size][size=small]Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound[/size][size=small] which suffers from no interference when using my computer, however the sound reproduction isn't as good as the Sennheiser RS-180 headphones.[/size]


Pros: Good sound and range
Cons: get very warm if you wear them very long
I got these headphones to wear at night so I didn't disturb my neighbors when I was watching tv or movies at night.  I haven't used Sennheiser's other wireless headphones but these seem to put out sound nearly on par with my HD 595s.  They do get warm over extended use.  I didn't find this to be nearly as much of a problem when watching tv, I'd just take them off during comercial breaks.  I also can't say to much about the range as I only used them in my apartment(2 bedroom) but didn't notice any signal loss.  Overall I would recommend these headphones.  For the money you may do just as well with some of the lower priced sennheisers.  
What's the battery life like?
They come with rechargeable AAA batteries (on in each earpiece, below the cups, easily removable). When you rest the headphone on the dock it recharges the batteries.