1. kastner

    RS180 not as good as my cheap in ear phones

    I am running my RS180 wireless phones from my laptop and although the sound is very good, it is of lesser quality than my cheap wired in ear phones from the same laptop.   Does anyone have any reason for this?
  2. Zwerg

    Integrated DAC for digital input headphones

    I would consider myself a newbie to audio, and this has been bothering me after poor and dead cables. I started browsing around here to look for a USB Audio card to integrate into my cans and had to ask this.   Microchips and components are getting cheaper and cheaper. Can someone explain to...
  3. CG23

    Best Wireless Gaming Headset for under $300?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been (over the last few months) looking at the various options available for Wireless Headphones. So far the ones that interest me the most are the Astro A50 with MixAmp and the Sennheiser RS170 headphones. To me, the main requirements for me...
  4. tapedeck

    Closed Dynamic, Advantages & Disadvantages in terms of Disturbing sleeping partner & Heat on Ear

    Closed & Open Dynamic, Advantages & Disadvantages in terms of Disturbing sleeping partner & Heat on Ear   I usually listen in the night.     I am currently using Sennheiser HDR45 which is a wireless RF.   I am thinking of getting a Sennheiser RS170 (closed dynamic)  or RS180 (open...
  5. mumer8637

    Need advice for my first serious headphones; Sennheiser HD558/RS220/RS180/RS170

    Hello, I currently own a Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset so I am officially a Noob at Head-Fi. After reading a lot, a lot, a lot of reviews and forums posts (for the past two months), I have decided to buy a serious headset; or my first serious headset to put it this way. I'll try...
  6. marlin

    HI FI Wireless Headphones

    Hi, i'm searching for a Hi-Fi wireless headphones, to listen music and watch TV. At first, before to really study the offers on the internet, i thought to allow 100€ (130$) Do you think this is possible to find a think like that?   I've read everywhere reviews and posts...
  7. Mech0z

    Sennheiser RS180 stops sound in silent pasages

    Is it possible to stop the RS 180 from stopping signal when there is no data comming through? Iam watching movies and tv and when there is silent for a few seconds the small static stops and there is instead total silence and its easy to hear that the headphones stops everything Its very easy...
  8. radiomann

    Any new and better wireless than rs180 - 220 is gone

    I have set of rs180 tried 220 seemed not as good and they are discontinued any newer better sets out there in wireless
  9. vladt

    Sennheiser RS180 - Usability Issues

    Howdy All, Yesterday I've finally received a RS180. What a great set of headphones this is. The clarity and reproduction do not degrade over wireless. Finally the set is out that can be compared to a wired set of headphones. However, I am having a slight usability issues. The manual...
  10. topcat888

    Asus Xonar Essence STX and the Sennheiser RS 180's

    Hi   At present I'm using an ASUS Xonar DX sound card to run a pair of RS 180's and intend to upgrade the sound card to the Asus Xonar Essence STX...   My question is will this give me a 'punchier' sound..? The card is without doubt a better build quality with higher quality components...
  11. SpyCam

    Portable over-the-ear headphones recommendations needed

    Hi, few years ago I bought my wife these: Audio Technica ATH-ES55 Type: Dynamic Driver: 40mm, Neodymium magnet Frequency Response: 10-25,000 Hz Maximum Input Power: 1,000 mW Impedance: 34 ohms   She's using...
  12. Johnnieh

    No sound coming through - Sennheiser RS 180

    Sorry, wrong forum
  13. ixelion

    "in-can" or "hollow" sound in headphones?

    I use bookshelf monitors for my everyday computer audio use including music, TV gaming etc. When I switch to headphones (Sennheiser RS180) I am underwhelmed by the "in-can" or "hollow" sound. Is it possible my ears are accustomed to the really flat sound of my monitors or is this an issue with...
  14. pavelfur

    Sennheiser HD558, HD598, RS170, RS180 - Which one is better ?

    Hi everbody, I consider buying one of the following models: HD558, HD598, RS170, RS180. I've read a lot of reviews about these models and I still didn't come to a final conclusion which one is better for me. I'm looking for headphones with good sound quality and comfort. Comfort is very...
  15. Stanfoo

    Important question about Amp's

    Hello. I am using a wireless headphone (RS180) to watch TV with. When I increase the volume to a high level via my headphones' built in volume adjuster, I can hear a white noise/static sound.   I cannot increase the volume from the sound source itself (TV) because the headphones' base...
  16. Stanfoo

    Burn in quesiton

    I just received my RS180 headphones and have read that they will sound better after some burn in time.   Never heard of this term before but does this mean if I let the TV run (regular programming, headphones hooked to TV) for a few hours will it do the trick?
  17. Stanfoo

    RS180 Humming/Buzzing Noise. Please help!

    I have been using the Sennheiser RS180 wireless headphones to watch TV for about 3 weeks now with no problems. However now I have encountered a problem with it. It makes a humming or buzzing sound the entire time. Basically it makes the sound whenever my TV is on/audio being passed. I tried...
  18. Stanfoo

    Would getting a DAC be worth it for me?

    I'm using the RS 180 headphones to watch movies (on my TV, not PC). I am wondering if getting a DAC would noticeably increase the sound quality coming from my headphones?  
  19. Stanfoo

    Would getting a DAC be worth it for me?

    I'm using the RS 180 headphones to watch movies (on my TV, not PC). I am wondering if getting a DAC would noticeably increase the sound quality coming from my headphones?
  20. haydeno

    Wireless Headphones for TV recommendation

    Need to get a pair of headphones for general TV watching. I am considering the Sennheiser RS 170 or maybe RS 180. Anything better for same or preferable less cost ($200)? Any issues with the wireless senheisers? Thanks
  21. hallonpaj

    Best headphones under 500 dollars

    Hi.   Ive got a pair of Sennheiser RS180. I just bought a Dacmagic plus, and they suddenly got twice as good. But I want more now! Barely listen to my Dynaudios anymore. Could you explain the differences between the phones under $500? The ones ranked the highest seems to be the...
  22. radiomann

    RS 180 how durable

    I have just started using the RS 180 wireless phones. They work well and provide excellent sound.  However they do not seem to be very durable, the construction is very light and its all thin plastic. I have doubts about how well they will hold up. What do users who have owned these for awhile...
  23. techboy

    Sennheiser HD 598 v/s RS 180 v/s RS 170 Mini Review

    Sennheiser HD 598 v/s RS 180 v/s RS 170 Mini Review I went to the Sennheiser office for demo of their headphones. I preferred RS 180 in this lot because the sound quality was nearly as good as HD 598 but with more thumping bass and very little difference in clearness and clarity, while being...
  24. Robert78

    How to "pair" Sennheiser RS180 headphones to mini Ipad?

    Hi all,   I'm having a really frustrating time trying to figure out whats wrong here.  Out of the box new pair of headphones and trying to pair with my ipad, but the ipad is not discovering the headphones and my iphone and computer haven't discovered the headphones either.   Is there...
  25. ACDOAN


    For sale is the new in sealed box ( the two plastic flaps that seal the RS 180 box are untouched). The RS180 are untouched, never been opened and was bought from authorized dealer.   I have never had time to implement the Rs180 to my H/T system so they are NEW.   $250.00 Paypal for...