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Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Surround Sound Headphones

  1. Tail
    Sennheiser RS 130: Bargain
    Written by Tail
    Published May 24, 2015
    Pros - Comfort, Durability, Long Lasting
    Cons - None For The Price
    Build & Usage:
    I have Sennheiser RS 130 for over 8 years now (and still lasting!) which says enough about their durability, and which is the most thing fascinating for me, I haven't changed batteries once. They use 2 rechargeable 600 mAh batteries, those "normal" looking ones found in TV controller for example, not sure what kind of batteries those are exactly but you can buy them in supermarket literally, even tho I repeat - I haven't changed them once in over 8 years! 
    Headphones are over the ear design and come with stylish looking dock that is used for putting your headphones when you are not wearing them and it also charges headphones whenever batteries are not full, which is great since you don't have to think about charging, ever (never happened in over 8 years for them to be empty, always charged and I never even thought about it). Also there are 2 buttons on dock, one for choosing frequency mode (3 settings) which I also almost never used and other for turning 'surround' option that was nice sometimes when watching movies or playing games but not so good for listening to music. There are 3 small lights on dock to indicate if headphones are on/off, charging and whether surround option is turned on or off.
    Headphones have enough range even tho ~150 meters I've read somewhere is nonsense. But at home I never was out of range, so when I go to brush teeth in the evening for example I leave headphones on my head even tho bathroom is quite few meters from my room...
    Headphones are made out of plastic which is nothing bad, they are durable, light and comfortable, but don't expect some supreme build like 1000$ ones. Dumping force is pretty small so they won't be extremely secure on your head but I found that actually useful since they are home only headphones, it's not like you'll go running around with them, so that low dumping force actually makes them more comfortable for longer usage even tho not staying so secure on your head. They have on the left earpiece on/off button and on the right earpiece there is volume wheel and 'tune' button that seeks frequency that dock is set up to work with (if you change one of those 3 frequency settings you need to press than button for headphone to find it). I found this to be useful only in one situation: I had two pairs of these headphones when I lived with my dad couple of years ago (since headphones are over 8 years old), one was for my dad and other was mine (still is). Problem was when we both listened to them if it was same frequency... there starts the problem! :D  But thanks to those 3 frequency settings we could isolate one from another so we both listen to our own things.
    Soundwise it's really hard for me to explain honestly, since I got really used to them and I'm not quite a professional when it comes to describing sound... I could compare them with my other headphones but it's pointless if you don't have these other so I'll try my best to describe sound but take it with caution. Overall it's not a harsh sound, not the most clear sound you've heard but pretty decent for the price. Also for a wireless headphones there isn't a lot of hiss while the music is played, only when you pause the music there is hiss, which is kinda normal with wireless headphones like these. Highs are not harsh as I said, mid bass is somewhat there, tho it's not so bad... similar to most other Sennheiser headphones, I guess it's their "house sound signature" so you'll be fine with it if you like most other Sennheiser headphones in that department (mid bass, veil or whatever you wanna call it). Bass is not overwhelming at all but it's there. Sound is not fatiguing, at least wasn't to me... I could listen to something for hours, watch movies or playing games without any problem. They don't isolate good at all, but again, it's for home use only so isolation shouldn't be high priority for most people when it comes to wireless home headphones, but if you need to "escape" from the people around you or if you plan to use them at work or somewhere where is loud - be warned. Also a sound leak is there, so if you play something really loud if someone is in the same room they will hear what you are playing but again if you listen at normal volumes that shouldn't be much of a problem, tho be warned if you are in the same room with someone trying to sleep and you crank volume too loud, it can get frustrating a bit, mostly because those higher frequencies are the ones that leak first which is normal. Also I have them for over 8 years so sound must have changed a bit over time of course so take with caution my sound description.
    I paid for them ~110$ (12500 RSD (Serbian Dinar) which equals now around 110 USD) which was in my honest opinion a steal, not at the first look but now over 8 years I really find them to be one of my best purchases ever. Yeah you could most likely find even better sounding headphones at that price but I highly doubt it would be better value overall. These WILL last a LONG time, these are wireless and comfortable so they are perfect "budget" headphones for home use. (Well depends what you consider 'budget' but 110$ I paid for them was really cheap in my opinion, especially if you look that today there are headphones for few thousand dollars.) I have seen now new wireless models from many companies, including new wireless Sennheiser headphones (quite few actually) so I'm not sure if there is a better deal than these (not even sure if you can still find these somewhere since they are becoming ancient) but if you are looking for budget headphones, even if they are second hand ones since they are so durable I can gladly recommend these, ESPECIALLY for the price I paid for them. But again, maybe there are better deals nowadays, this was over 8 years ago, I wouldn't know now so can't guarantee. 
    Also to note that I gave them better rating than for example my Sennheiser IE80 that cost 3 times as much for example (and sound better, even tho they are in ear so it's hard to compare)... which says much about my opinion on RS 130 overall. 
    So not the best soundwise that you can find for price but far from the worst, and certainly a very good value overall looking at all aspects that make a headphone as a whole product: quality, durability, comfort, usage, wireless range etc. so don't dismiss these so easily! Sorry if there was some bad English but I'm not a native speaker...   hope this was helpful to interested people!
    EDIT: I see they are more expensive now on those very few places they can still be found than what I paid for them, but that doesn't change anything, still the same great value.
  2. samregen
    Nothing lasts forever
    Written by samregen
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - Excellent sound, decent range
    Cons - Expect about 4.5 years max on these headphones
    Value: Few electronics I have ever owned got as much use as my Sennheiser headphones.  I use them primarily for television viewing to get a clear sound while taking care of chores, or watching TV at night when the children are asleep.  In both cases they are indespensable.
    Quality: I owned the previous generation of their headphones as well.  In each genearation the quality started out high, with very good range of reception.  As an exampe, I could work in my crawlspace and still get a good signal.  This lasts for about 3 years.  After that the sound quality gets much more white noise and drop outs, and the range restricts significantly.
    Excpectations: I have tried to replace the batteries, and use other mechanisms to extend the life of my headphones, but at some point they just don't charge anymore.  expect a shelf life of 4 and a half years max.
    1. Pwn3r4Life
      I didn't know that there were quality headphone manufacturers in this market. Glad I didn't waste my money on those $70 Sharper Image ones the probably can't compare.
      Pwn3r4Life, Aug 7, 2011
    2. Defu
      I've used these headphones for 6,5 years (daily for many hours) and they are still going on strong.
      I can't comment on the range issues as I use these almost next to the transmitter, though sometimes move to make food in the kitchen and they work pretty well then as well. I can't really remember how they were when they were new.
      Zero problems with recharging. Changed the rechargeable batteries at some point, maybe twice. The recharging station/transmitter still works as it's supposed to.
      Only problem I can see with these headphones is that nothing lasts forever. There are some physical cracks and I fear they will snap in two at some point. I haven't really treated them with silk gloves either.
      Defu, Jul 26, 2014