Sennheiser RS 110 926 Mhz Wireless RF Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Nice signal distance, sound good, comfy
Cons: rickety, only rca hook-up
Nice long distance wireless that I tested 75 feet away from transmitter and outside. Comfy all day. Wish all cans were patted and comfy like this. A little rickety due to light plastic construction. Sound nice and there's tons of reasons to get some. Like hook them to am/fm radio that uses a special antenna, no need to use walkman around home with these. I paid very little for them, but they are worth the price and are very useful for me where I live because I need a good antenna to hear AM talk radio. I also hook them up to the cable box, turn it on and listen to TV without having to turn on the TV. Hear anywhere in your house, around walls, outside, sounds good up to 75 feet and you don't have to bother neighbors