Sennheiser Omx52 Street Series Supraural Clip-On Headphones

General Information

Designed for stylishness and contemporary living, Sennheiser's OMX52 Supra-aural Stereo Clip-On Earphones with Exchangeable Design Parts give you high-quality sound when you're on the go. Constructed with lightweight elastic materials for an optimum fit, the OMX52 lets you listen without interference from outside noise. Constructed with individually adjustable ear clips and packaged with exchangeable ear covers to let you add a personal touch to your headphones, the OMX52 offers extra comfort, stability, and style for your listening pleasure. Sennheiser's specially-designed Basswind System gives a powerful bass response, and the built-in volume control lets you adjust sound to your own comfort level.Like all the earphones in Sennheiser's Street Line collection, the OMX52 is designed for portability, whether you plan to be indoors or outdoors. Listen while you're strolling in a quiet residential neighborhood, running errands on a busy downtown street, reading at a popular cafe, or stuck in your seat during an airline flight. The OMX52's adjustable clips make sure that earphones stay in place and the ergonomic design ensures that you'll be comfortable for as long as your player is running. And when you're not listening to your portable device, coil up your earphones and store them in the protective carrying case included with purchase so that they don't get tangled up with your keys, cell phone, or other accessories.The OMX52 is great for use with all MP3, CD, DVD, and MD players, as well as with all portable game systems. So now you can get great sound and stay connected and entertained without having to worry about disturbing others with your own set of Sennheiser OMX52 Street Line earphones.


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