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Enjoy a new music experience: The HD 465 stereo headphones offer a detailed sound image and...

Sennheiser HD 465 Headphones

  • Enjoy a new music experience: The HD 465 stereo headphones offer a detailed sound image and excellent wearing comfort. The detachable, single-sided cable is another nifty feature.

    open, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones
    Detailed sound image
    Outstanding wearing comfort for long listening sessions
    Convenient, single-sided cable
    Latest diaphragm geometry
    Headband and ear pads made from high-quality materials for excellent wearing comfort
    Lightweight aluminium voice coils for wide dynamics and high efficiency
    Detachable, single-sided cable (cable length: 3 m)
    Adjustable cable length, 3 m cable
    1 ⁄4“ (6.3 mm) screw-on jack adaptor, gold-plated

Recent Reviews

  1. Whiskers
    Good sound and durable design.
    Written by Whiskers
    Published Jul 17, 2010
    Pros - Very comfortable, detailed bass, clear highs, a durable design and low impedance.
    Cons - Not very attractive, ear pads can become irritating after prolonged use.
    I got these for about £50 ($76) last month and my experience so far has been very good.
    The headphones are comfortable and the sound quality is very good for the price. The bass is very punchy, but isn't without detail. The mids and highs are very clear and sharp. Being only 32 Ω you can use them as portable headphones with most portable media players without a bulky amp. My iPod Touch 2G drives these perfectly.
    Now for the bad things. Though very comfortable the ear pads can become irritating after a while, as they begin to itch and can act like ear warmers. I also don't think they're particularly attractive though that's up to personal opinion.
    In short a good set of headphones with great SQ for the price. They're not very heavy and they look anything but flimsy. If you have a tight budget I'm sure you'd be happy with these! :)


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