Sennheiser HD-202 Closed Stereo Headphones

General Information

SENNHEISER HD-202 -- These dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are the ideal partner for DJs and powerful modern music. The HD-202 phones provide good insulation against ambient noise and a vivid, crisp bass response. Rugged and lightweight, they offer a secure, extremely comfortable fit, and can be used for both mobile sources and home audio systems. With a 115db sound pressure level rating, these very eeficient headphones potentially deliver a high volume of clear sound. This makes them ideal to passively remove any external ambient noise. With the Sennheiser HD-202, the sound and sound level is number one. Use it with your MP3, your iPod, or virtually any private listening use. Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high sound levels Clips to the belt - convenient cord take-up adjusts cable length when you're listening while on the move 3 meter, highly conductive OFC copper cable Replaceable leatherette ear pads 18Hz - 18,000Hz frequency response Sound pressure level - 115dB <0.5% THD ( Total Harmonic Distortion ) Sennheiser 2-year warranty

Latest reviews

Pros: Good sound for the price. Nice bass. Comfy for me.
Cons: Can get warm. Bass has a bit of bloat. Highs slightly rolled off
For the longest time I had used the most craptacular five-dollar headphones one could find.  When listening to metal they had a tendency to shred my ears. 
Then, I got these babies.
This was my first much better pair of headphones I had ever bought.  They blew my mind.  Many on these boards think that these aren't so great but they are awesome to my ears. 
The highs were decent.  Not harsh but not totally up front and clear like they could be.  They seem to roll off ever so slightly at the very top taking away any sparkle they may have.
Mids seem to have a bit of recession in them but they are adequate for metal and rock to me.  I'm kind of sensitive to "middey" type phones so they do very well for me.  I can pick out vocals and guitars just fine.  I focus on drums a lot anyway. 
Bass is where these shine a bit.  They are a little bloated but not completely.  The bass when eq'ed up can be quite slamming and downright frightening when a metal song gets the double kicks going.  It can quite impressive.  
Overall they are hardly high fidelity but they were my gateway to a better listening experience.  I still have them and still listen to them to this day.  Along with the Audio Technica M50 you can pry these out of my cold dead hands.
Pros: Amazing Headphones for the price
Cons: Not the most comfortable headphones around
These were my 1st step up from earbuds and gaming headsets. I was very surprised by the difference, so much that I bought a 5 pack of these for less then $100 and gave them away for Christmas presents.
These Headphones were my 1st awareness that there was a better way to listen to my ipod and now here I am.
They sound Clean with no distortion or muddiness. They have fairly good isolation and I can't dispute any of the manufacturers claims.
They can get uncomfortable after a couple of hours but I got used to them after a couple of weeks.
If you are looking for a great entry level headphone for less then $30 this is a great value.
Highly Recommended


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