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Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

  1. Catchytune
    A cheap headphone that sounds quite well.
    Written by Catchytune
    Published Aug 18, 2012
    Pros - Amazing value for the price. Suitable for pop, rock and even classical.
    Cons - False leather on the ear and head cushions starts to dissolve within the first 10 weeks of use. Too long cable.
    I am using the HD 201 for over two years and in terms of sound quality/characteristics I’m quite pleased with it. Just recently I listened to a good recording of Bach’s choral BWV 115 played on a Silbermann organ. My jaw dropped. The HD 201 sounded so well it’s hard to justify an upgrade. Even the very low base was present but only in the background, where it belongs. I believe base should suport music rather than being a main part of it. Because the HD 201 has a bright sound it also unveils compression artefacts of poorly encoded mp3 files. A quality that would be expected from high end headphones with a rediculous price tag. If you are used to warm and smooth sounding headphones you will certainly find the HD 201 to have a harsh sound. If you upgrade from low quality earbuds you could well be impressed. For this price it becomes a must have in any headphone collection. The only two things I really dislike are the false leather over the ear and head cushions. It begins to dissolve quickly. The lenght of the cable is also too generous. 3m or 10ft is way too much for a product that is mostly used together with portable devices.
    1. indieman
      I completely agree. I am continually impressed by these cans. The pads and cable need improvement though...
      indieman, Aug 23, 2012
  2. AR Cascade
    First "real" headphones, going off memory here
    Written by AR Cascade
    Published Jun 9, 2012
    Pros - Very comfortable, good value
    Cons - Cord can get tangled, cheap construction
    As the title suggests, these were my first upgrade from ibuds.  They broke a while back so I'm going from memory but I did have them for a while.  First of all, they're super comfortable. The only closed back I've tried on where putting it on actually cooled down my ears instead of the opposite.  There is plenty of room for the ears and I literally fell asleep with these on a couple times.  They work well right out of an iPod, although they do come with a 1/4" adapter if you want to use them with anything more serious.  Isolation is fine, I was comfortable listening to them on airplanes or car rides without turning the volume up too much.  Unfortunately, they aren't the best choice for portable use.  The all plastic construction is lightweight but not super sturdy and the lack of a protective case means you have to be gentle with these.  Mine broke at the point where the earcup attaches to the headband, apparently a weak point because my one of my friends had his break at the same spot as well.  The cord is also too long for portable use (9 ft) and tangles easily.  Still, relatively minor complaints for a $25 phone that I used as my one and only HP (at home, portable, everything) for well over a year.  I like to recommend it to people who want an upgrade from ibuds but don't want to spend a lot. It's great as a gateway drug.  Sound-wise, I never found it to be lacking bass, and plenty of detail was there.  I don't want to go into much detail because I can't listen to them at the moment, but definitely recommended as an entry level phone for those who who favor a more even presentation. (Read: Bassheads will probably be disappointed)
  3. bonzo1959
    A surprise
    Written by bonzo1959
    Published Sep 19, 2011
    Pros - Very good sound at ridicolous price.Light weight and comfortable
    Cons - Cable...too long.
    I bought these cans one weeek ago in a megastore near home.
    I use them in my bed-room, connected via FiiO 5 amplifier and a pair of old Monster Cable interconnects to a Pro-Ject Dock Box with an I-Pod Classic 80gb on.
    Wow..they sounds very,very good and i think they get better and better with a certain amount of listening time.
    The bass is there,not so deep but articulate.Mids and Highs takes full advantage on this for a more balanced sound.
    I fall asleep with them on.Very light and comfortable.
    Great bargain.
    1. Todeon
      Good durability, nothing else...
      Todeon, Sep 19, 2011
  4. Trance88
    Great for the Price
    Written by Trance88
    Published Jun 20, 2011
    Pros - Light weight, crisp highs, pleasant bass.
    Cons - Not the most comfortable headphones in the world.
    Not sure what people are talking about when it comes to weak bass. The bass isn't weak, it's just pleasant. It's just right in my opinion for every day relaxing listening. Now, if you're in the mood for some loud pumping beats, you might want to switch to a different pair. These headphones are just fine for those who aren't a basshead.
  5. tuan0r
    Quality justified by price
    Written by tuan0r
    Published Jun 16, 2011
    Pros - Cheap, Light
    Cons - fragile, average sound at best
    I paid $15 for those headphones, and I did not expect anything great. They aren't as comfortable as you would expect, but it does the job. The sound separation is poor for Sennheiser quality. I own a pair of HD 212 pros, which can be purchase for around $20 now, and I have to say that they are much better in every aspect.
    I don't recommend HD 201s.
    Not sure why these were recommended
    Published Jun 16, 2011
    Pros - Cheap, kind of comfortable, good "soundstaging?"
    Cons - Bass is at a negative level, incredibly cheap materials
    This is going to be a short review.
    -When I took them out of the box they felt like crap, like the smallest amount of pressure would snap the headband in two or more pieces.
    -Upon first wearing they weren't nearly as tight or sweat inducing as the Skullcandy T.I.'s I had at the time.
    The sound was nasty. I do not know if this "burn in" thing you people talk about counts with these things or not, but I didn't even want to try.
    If you can't get them for less than twenty bucks then keep your money.
  7. jakev0z
    Sennheiser HD 201s
    Written by jakev0z
    Published May 22, 2011
    Pros - Cheap, Somewhat comfortable, good mids and highs
    Cons - no bass whatsoever, gets uncomfortable after a while, leatherette material
    these are cheap, price and buildwise, but deliver decent sound quality. The bass is pretty much nonexistant, but the mids and highs are good. The one flaw I saw was the leatherette ear pads that are very prone to flaking off or tearing. They aren't bad for the price, and if you need a pair of cheap, replaceable headphones, I would recommend them.
  8. EpicPie
    Great headphones
    Written by EpicPie
    Published Apr 1, 2011
    Pros - Good sound stage, good beginner audiophile headphiles
    Cons - Bass is extremely muddy at higher volumes
    Great headphones, after doing a few mods to them they sound incredible!
  9. TheLaw
    Very Nice for the Price
    Written by TheLaw
    Published Mar 2, 2011
    Pros - Overall good sound quality. Comfortable. And most of all: Cheap!
    Cons - Weak bass. Feels/looks cheap-ish.
    I was roaming the local music shop today and I saw that they were stocking Sennheisers for the first time ever. (It has been 90% Skullcandy and 10% China cheapo). Most of their Sennheiser stuff is pretty overpriced. Like $50 for CX270s.

    However, they did have the HD201s for $20, which is the same, if not cheaper, than Internet pricing. So I bought them! I've heard mixed opininions on them but for so cheap, I had to give them a try!


    Generally very clear mid/high range. No distortion and sounds crisp and as good as much more expensive headphones.

    The bass is a bit lacking and a bit muddy at high volumes. Not terrible to my ears, but comparing to my CX300s and HD280 Pros, it definitely less satisfying. But, keep in mind, these cost a fraction of cost. I have yet to try these with an amp, so that might have an improvement.

    Otherwise the sound is very good. I don't have much to comment about. They aren't the most revolutionary 'phones ever created, but they do shine through because of their value, which most vendors cannot match. Comparing to a Skullcandy Lowrider I bought for gimmicks ($30), they sound much better. More comfortable fit, and cleaner sound in all aspects including bass, which the SCs had 0 of.

    One thing I've learned quickly is to not play with your EQ settings whether it be on your iPod, computer, or whatever other source you are using. These drivers are cheap and flipping on bass boost will simply give you a distorted ugly sound, so keep your EQs off and let it sound as it was intended.

    Overall great value.
  10. LantherZero
    Sennheiser HD201
    Written by LantherZero
    Published Feb 11, 2011
    Pros - extremely inexpensive, clearest mids I've heard in a headphone this price
    Cons - extremely bass light, cheap-feeling plastic housing
    I was looking for a cheap headphone to carry with me in public, something that if lost or stolen would not be a big loss to me. I bought the HD201, and was pleasantly surprised. The highs are fairly crisp, the mids are very detailed considering the price, and the lackluster bass can mostly be resolved with an amp and a bit of equalization. They can't compete with more expensive headphones on any level, but one should not expect them to.
    The earpads are not very deep, so unless you have tiny ears you'll likely find them pressing against the headphones in uncomfortable ways.
    They feel cheap to the touch compared to sennheiser's higher-end headphones, but they seem solid enough to toss around without them falling to bits.
    If you want a pair of headphones to lend to people you don't trust with your better headphones, or to carry with you in less-than-safe inner-city type places, I'd strongly recommend these.
    1. MarcosRV
      That's exactly what people should expect from them.
      MarcosRV, Dec 22, 2012