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Sennheiser CX380 Sport Series II Noise Isolating Earphones

  1. Mr Makua
    You Can't Shake These Things Out of Your Ears
    Written by Mr Makua
    Published Jun 28, 2012
    Pros - Great fit, Perfect for workouts or mowing the lawn, good noise isolation, very durable
    Cons - sound is not great, weak bass
    These are great for the active user. They will not blow you away with their sound, but you sure as heck won't have to worry about them falling out of your ears. I use them for running, working out, and mowing the yard, and they perform admirably. I have roughed them up a bit as well and they seem very durable. I found these open box on ebay and got a great deal on them. I wouldn't necessarily pay the $90 they are asking on Amazon for them. If you are looking for a set of buds that won't fall out of your ears during lots of activity, then try to find yourself a deal on these. If you are more concerned about stellar sound quality, then look elsewhere.