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When we say “this is the only headphone amp you may ever need,” we mean it. Magni 2 builds on the...

Schiit Magni 2 Uber

  • When we say “this is the only headphone amp you may ever need,” we mean it. Magni 2 builds on the performance of Magni, with even more refined sound and versatility, while Magni 2 Uber is now a complete desktop control center with preamp capability and even more power.

    Ready For Any Headphone
    Both Magni 2 and Magni 2 Uber are ready for any headphone, from IEMs to hard-to-drive orthodynamics. Switchable gain provides the fine control and low noise floor you need for sensitive headphones, as well as the power you need for hard-to-drive high-impedance headphones and orthos.

    Even Better Sound and Performance
    Both Magni 2 and Magni 2 Uber use a newly refined, fully discrete, constant-feedback gain stage. Yeah, we know, it sounds like engineering. But it’s important. Not only are Magni 2 and Magni 2 Uber the only fully-discrete amps in their price class, they also use a new gain stage with constant feedback across the entire audio band. No op-amp can claim to do this. In addition, Magni 2 Uber’s gain stage is even more sophisticated, for higher performance. Both are fully DC coupled, with no capacitors in the signal path.

    A Complete Desktop Control Center: Magni 2 Uber
    If you need preamp outputs for powered desktop monitors (or for connecting to any power amplifier), or if you want even more power and performance, step up to Magni 2 Uber. With a more sophisticated gain stage and 3x larger power supply, it delivers power and performance far beyond anything at its price.

    Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 2Hz-250KHz, -3dB

    Maximum Power, 16 ohms: 2.1W RMS per channel
    Maximum Power, 32 ohms: 1.5W RMS per channel

    Maximum Power, 50 ohms: 1.2W RMS per channel

    Maximum Power, 300 ohms: 320mW RMS per channel

    Maximum Power, 600 ohms: 160mW RMS per channel

    THD: Less than 0.002%, 20Hz-20KHz, at 1V RMS

    IMD: Less than 0.003%, CCIF

    SNR: Greater than 104db, unweighted, referenced to 1V RMS

    Crosstalk: -70dB, 20 Hz-20KHz

    Output Impedance: Less than 0.2 ohms

    Gain: 1.5 (3db) or 6 (14db), selectable via rear switch
    Preamp Output: Yes, controlled by volume pot and switched via headphone jack
    Topology: Fully discrete FET/bipolar, constant feedback through audio band, complementary VAS drive, Class AB, DC coupled throughout

    Protection: Standard failsafe DC power input and muting relay

    Power Supply: “Wall wart” style 24VA 14VAC transformer, regulated +/- 16V rails, with over 6,000uf filter capacitance
    Power Consumption: 5W

    Size: 5 x 3.5 x 1.25”

    Weight: 1 lb

Recent Reviews

  1. Miles Johnson
    Surprisingly great amp - 9.75/10
    Written by Miles Johnson
    Published May 17, 2016
    Pros - Very clean sound, extremely powerful, small and durable.
    Cons - Sharp edges
    Sound - 10/10: I was very surprised by the quality of the sound from the new Magni, the M2U. Having used the original Schiit Modi and Magni stack, upgrading to the Schiit Modi 2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber, I expected similar sound quality, and better build and inputs. The sound of the M2U changed, and only for the better. The slight harshness of the original Magni which made it hard to listen to for long periods of time, and even made it hard to listen to certain genres, is not included in the newer M2U. The M2U is also a bit less bright, but remains slightly warm, though not terribly warm. The sound is what surprised me most about the M2U, but it was not the only change made from the original. The power is phenomenal; more power than I will ever need. Running everything from Audeze, HD800s, all the way to my everyday use Sennheiser HD600s. It can power them all, and more.
    Design - 9.5/10: Similar it's predecessor, the M2U is quite an attractive amp. It has a very clean finish, and looks and feels very sturdy and well made. Not giving this amp's design a perfect 10/10 may be unfair, but there are some very slight complaints I have. The edges are sharp, which if you aren't in close proximity with small children isn't a problem (it couldn't cut you unless you really tried to make it cut you). The light on the front is also a tad bright, though the only reason it is noticeable is if you sleep in the same room you keep it. There are multiple ports on the back, with a gain switch, which pushes headphones more than I had expected. Overall, there are no huge problems, but it wouldn't be fair to ignore the small ones that exist. 
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  2. Cothealiv
    Schiit Is Cheap. Schiit Sounds Good.
    Written by Cothealiv
    Published Jan 20, 2015
    Pros - Sounds way better than the original Magni. More power than most people will ever need.
    Cons - Can't think of any.
    My first review! I'll keep it short. I had the original Schiit Magni for a long time. I'd give it four stars. It sounds really good for the money. A tad too bright and the treble can be fatiguing, but for $99 dollars I loved it. I feed my amps with a JDS labs ODAC playing mostly 16/44.1 flac with some 24/96 files for good measure. My primary set of cans are the Hifiman HE-400s. The first thing I notice with the Magni 2 Uber is that the brightness and sometimes searing treble from the original Magni is gone. Bass comes through much clearer as well. I'd say that the mids are comparable to the original Magni. If you have $150 bucks to burn and are at all interested, get it.  
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