Samson Z35 Closed Back Over-Ear Studio Headphones

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  1. Trevayne10
    "Samson Z35: Clean, Solid, and Focused. A Step up from Samson SR950s - a $69 Steal"
    Pros - Excellent, clear, flat response. Coherent sound at high volumes. Mild bass punch and extension, sparkling, clean highs.
    Cons - Somewhat high, initial headband clamping force
    Sound quality of the Samson Z35 is superb. Clean and flat sound signature, but powerful, fairly deep bass extension, crystal clear mid-highs, very clean, well-defined sparkling treble. No spikes, no surprises anywhere. Very real presence and convincing sound stage. 
    Fit is very comfortable, real leather ear cushions, which do not get hot & sweaty at all (so far - been listening to ambient/trance on and off for a few days). Initial head clamp force is fairly high, but loosens up after a few days of listening. Inner head band is soft, pliant cushioned material, with "samson" logo printed on top. 
    Very efficient, 40 mm 32 ohm drivers, so they crank. They do not break up or lose coherence at all, at high sound levels.

    High grade, durable materials, fit & construction - albeit all black plastic.Tasteful, "smoked" chrome accents. These cans are very light and portable - ear cups swivel and fold up into a nice, tight bundle. Not much to look at, visually, but these headphones are very deceptive, because they deliver so much, sonically. Includes 1/8" - 1/4" gold adapter and black pleather travel pouch. Samson 2 year warranty.

    Samson sent these to me free of charge, to replace my SR950s, which developed shorts in the cord and plug (SR950s were fairly decent-sounding budget cans, and a bargain off Amazon at $42) The Samson Z35s are going for $69.99 USD on The SR950s had more "fun factor" than their older SR850 sibling, with boosted low bass and upper treble, but I found their audio signature a bit heavy and uninvolving after extended listening. These newer Z35s trounce them in just about every department.

    At this price point, the Z35's also compare quite favorably to the Sennheiser HD280 Pros (not saying much, imho), which I found to be very bland and vapid-sounding (and somewhat overpriced at $99.99).  The HD280s were very uncomfortable to me, right out of the box (pleather ear cushions were unyielding, too shallow, leading to outer ear pain, hot/sweaty, and head clamping force was atrocious and unrelenting).

    I am enjoying these Z35's the more I listen to them. They just provide an excellent, all-around engaging listen, and with more than adequate detail, they deliver the goods. 
    Samson Z35 Stuidio Headphones Specs:
    TYPE: Over-ear, closed back dynamic (40mm)
    SENSITIVITY (@1kHz) db/W: 94 dB
    MAX INPUT POWER @1kHz: 500mW
    IMPEDANCE: 32 ohms