Rudistor DAC-X3

General Information

DAC-X3 show the classic RudiStor look, with thick aluminium faceplate and amagnetic stainless steel enclosure

DAC-X3 is a top level Digital to Analog Converter, it can match sample rates up to to 192 Khz and 24 bits. DAC-X3 have thre inputs selectable from a front switch.

Digital Coax ( on RCA plug )

Optical coax


There are two output sets

Unbalanced ( SE ) out on RCA plug

Balanced On XLR

The quality of the Wolfson DAC engine, is matched with an ovesized power supply; an embedded "Class A" amplification section is used to drive the monitor front output, making it working like a top class headphone amplifier. This section works fully independently from DAC outputs. The poterntiometer ( Volume Knob ) control only the monitor output ( embedded headphone amplifier ) while the rear output are fixed on standard levels.


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