Rudistor Chroma MD2

  1. NicoCat
    Pleasing Sound, Unstable Build Quality
    Written by NicoCat
    Published Nov 7, 2013
    Pros - Pleasing and 'musical' sound, open, very comfortable and efficient.
    Cons - Unstable build quality, less detailed than HD800 and T1.
    One of the speakers stopped working 4 months after purchase, then the MD2 were sent back to Italy and got repaired. After 3 weeks that speaker stopped working again. Could be the soldering issue, or my bad luck. They have worked for around 300 hours, and were stored in the case each time after use.
    Finally I returned the headphones and got a partial refund, since the depreciation and their postage cost have been deducted.
    Despite such issues, MD2 are a nice pair of headphones to enjoy the music for some people. They are definitely coloured with r-shape sound signature, a bit like RS1i with more decay (softer sound), slightly more bass, much larger sound stage, higher resolution, better treble extension and slightly tamed highs.
    They are easy to drive as well, sound great even with ODAC+O2. However soundwise they are clearly not on same league with HD800 and T1. For quick reference the MD2 got the same level of definition and transparency as T5P.
    Not recommend if you consider $990 or €850 (incl. EU tax) as a serious amount of investment on headphones.
    1. forestitalia
      These headphones are very, very good.
      forestitalia, Apr 3, 2014