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Rockit Sounds R-DJ

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  • Pro DJ Headphones
    Speakers designed to provide "thumping" sound
    High noise isolation ear-cup design keeps the noise out
    Thick padded ear-cups give you a surreal listening experience

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  1. pro1137
    "Great build and style, but sound is lacking"
    Pros - Build quality, pads, thick cables, soundstage, isolation, styling
    Cons - Highly bloated mids detract from overall experience
    The R-DJ is part of Rock-It's new lineup of headphones, complete with the signature Rock-It styling excellence.
    Accessories - Straight cable, coiled cable
    Simplicity aside, these cables are, without a doubt, the sturdiest and thickest detachables that I've ever felt. Not to mention, they literally "fit"
    perfectly with the headphone's design. 
    Build/Design - As always, Rock-It a Sounds has nailed the styling of yet another headphone. The R-DJ features a matte black finish with some glossy orange parts that make it truly unique. The Rock-It logo on the cups is featured on a diamond-shaped piece of metal. 

    The headband has it's own pieces of gloss orange as well, and with a comfortable cushion on top with the Rock-It name, these headphones are sure to make a statement. 
    Build is good, or even great in its own right, but I've found some major issues with it. However these issues do not subtract from the quality of the headphone. I shall explain. 
    Normally, headphones have cups that swivel forward in some way to appropriate for the natural curvature of the human head. This is not how the R-DJ works. The cups do not swivel forward one bit. They swivel backwards, though. 

    As odd as it might sound, for comfort reasons, I honestly recommend breaking the internal stopper (which I've done twice now on accident on two different pairs of these headphones) to allow the cups to swivel forward. I do not recommend twisting them farther than you need them to go, though. They will swivel a full 360° then and keep going, and I'm not sure if there could be any detrimental properties to doing that. 
    So, if you have some comfort issues, push the cups so they can swivel forward a bit. 

    Other than that, the build is excellent. These headphones feel built like a tank. The headband is reinforced with metal, and the plastics used feel extremely rugged.
    Sound - Alas, I expected something near the quality of Rock-It's R-Studio. Unfortunately, that's not what I got. 
    The R-DJ, to my ears, has an extremely bloated midrange that drowns out any sense of clarity and detail. However, I've noticed that a pad swap will remedy this situation a good amount, to the level that the headphone sounds nothing alike. But I will be basing this review on the original stock version using the pads that came with the headphone. 
    Bass - The bass on the R-DJ surprisingly doesn't live up to its claim by Rock-It Sounds. The bass is probably the best part of these headphones, nonetheless. Rock-It claimed these headphones have a "thumping sound", and these headphones certainly do not have that kind of bass. The bass is slightly accentuated but quite clean. Sure, there's some kick as expected, but these have less bass than Rock-It's R-Studio. 
    Mids - This is no doubt a mid-centric headphone. Every song I listened to sounded extremely mid-heavy, in a bad way. It was bloated, overbearing, and even painful at times. I have mid-centric headphones that I love, but these just take it much, much farther than necessary. 
    Treble - The treble is laid back. I might even go as far to call it slightly dark. After taming the midrange with some EQ, it's clear that the treble on these is far under neutral. That's not a bad thing though. Some songs it works, some it just doesn't seem to. Most notably speaking with EDM. 
    Soundstage - Very large, given the stock pads are so big and spacey. It's about on-par with the stage on the R-Studio. 
    Overall - The R-DJ has some serious issues to me, but it can be made better with a pad change (I used spare M50 pads). While build and design are top-notch, this headphone just doesn't seem to live up to its price tag, or its brother, the R-Studio. 

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