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Rhapsodio 2.98 Silver/Gold OCC Litz 8-strand

  • Rhapsodio 2.98 Silver/Gold OCC Litz 8-strand.
    OCC Alloy wire with 2% gold and 98% silver
    Core of kevlar fibre

Recent Reviews

  1. flinkenick
    A one of a kind cable to tweak your iem
    Written by flinkenick
    Published Dec 16, 2015
    Pros - warm and thick sound, high resolution, detail in the lower/mid mids, natural tonality
    Cons - not a standard clear silver signature, midforward signature is not for everyone, might depend on personal preference
    This is a short review of a very special cable; the Rhapsodio “2.98” silver/gold OCC litz alloy 8-strand cable. The cable get its name from its relative high gold count of 2% (98% silver). This cable is without a doubt the most special cable I’ve ever heard – but just to be clear, I’m not saying it is by definition the best sounding cable; it just has a very different, and truly unique sound than a standard silver or silver/gold alloy cable. Most cables, especially silver cables, will generally speaking have a tighter bass providing a clear and open sound, with a cleaner background and more treble energy; usually giving a slight recess to the lower mids, basically giving a more V-shaped signature to an earphone. The 2.98 does something very different – for it is a truly midforward cable, which imposes a different effect on an iem’s signature.
    Listening is done with the Rhapsodio Solar, a 10BA driver ciem with a balanced signature with a full midrange, but enhanced bass and treble giving it a slightly more V-shaped signature compared to completely neutral (full review). With the standard silver-plated copper (SPC) cable, the Solar has a clear midrange with good size, and abundant treble sparkle with great energy. Bass is enhanced, but fast and clean.
    With the 2.98, the mid-bass is slightly enhanced, but most of all more resolving. Overall bass impact increases, and hits with more authority. The midrange is inherently warm, though not particularly airy. The lower midrange gets more fill and size, and overall the midrange is slightly more forward. The warmth reduces the background clarity; it does not have a particularly clear background like you would expect from a silver cable. But its resolution is above average compared to standard silver cables, and uncovers more detail in the lower/mid midrange by means of definition rather than brightness. The upper midrange is slightly less enhanced, but a great deal smoother. Treble is articulate and detailed, though tonally the focus is on the midrange. 
    The sound is overall fuller due to the greater lower/mid midrange presence and noticeable warmth; but less airy and sparkly up top. Notes are thick and carry a lot of weight, giving it more of an authoritative sound overall. This effects the soundstage accordingly; the standard V-shape which gives a monitor the perception of an airier, wider soundstage feels slightly reduced in width.
    Despite its 8 wires, the 2.98 8-strand is a very thin cable; a great deal thinner than the 8-strand cables I’ve had so far, even besting one of my favorite 4-strand cables, the Toxic Silver Widow, by a great deal (but that cable has pretty thick wires). Its Kevlar reinforced center makes it very supple. The cable is completely microphonic free, although I am personally never bothered by microphonics anyhow since I do my listening on the go (from my experience microphonics are worst in contact with hard surfaces like desks). But it is an important factor for many people to note.
    Concluding thoughts
    As I stated in the introduction, the 2.98 really is a very special piece of work. It has the unique ability to add some more body and warmth to a V-shaped monitor – I know most people don’t ‘believe’ in cables, but I don't think this is an exaggeration. It is best matched with an iem that has an excellent midrange, like the Rhapsodio Solar, Empire Ears Zeus or the Heir 8.A I had before. But even then, its sound will not be to everyone’s liking and this is very important to note. But those who like it, absolutely love it. Its warm, full sound with thick notes can bring the best out of certain genres, but will be less applicable to others. I alternate the Solar ever so often between the standard SPC and 2.98 cable, and will change my music accordingly. With the 2.98, I’ll listen to heavier or alternative rock; bands like Chevelle, Django Django, Beck or Soulwax if any of those is familiar to you. For some reason, it also sounds spectacular with reggae, so I’ll listen to classics as UB40 and Bob Marley. With the standard SPC cable, I will listen to classic rock where you prefer a more cleaner, airier sound with that nice sparkle on top, or EDM for instance. It’s hard to say if it is my favorite cable or the ‘personal best of all time’, but again, it’s without a doubt one of the most unique I’ve heard so far, and trust me – I’ve had a few.
    Rhapsodio 2.98 silver/gold OCC litz
    4-strand = $380
    8-strand = $550
    (silver alloy 3.5mm jack + $30)
    Note: the cable reviewed was the 8-strand + silver jack.
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    2. flinkenick
      Thanks again guys, appreciate that :)
      flinkenick, Dec 17, 2015
    3. FidelityCastro
      Haha @flinkenick and I will continue to disagree on liking this one. I have the 4-braid (so probably missing the final elements that have sold him the cable's SQ) and I just can't get on with it - and that includes with the Solars.
      If I was trying TOTL for the first time, it would sound great, but compared to my other cables (a handful of Effect Audio hybrid or copper or silver, and a Wagnus) it's just too middly and lacks the defined bass and - as flinkenick rightly points out - that nice little sparkle (I don't mean over-the-top treble). I don't really like pure silver - can be too harsh and toppy with some IEMs - and copper-only can be a bit warm/dark/thick, so I have fairly basic SQ tastes that combine both, I guess.
      @flinkenck has been very clear about the fact that it's not for everyone, and I would urge caution for anyone who can't audition this cable. It's not cheap, and I know I would've been really disappointed if it was my first ever cable upgrade.
      Another good review, as ever.
      FidelityCastro, Dec 19, 2015
    4. flinkenick
      Well, as you know I had you in the back of my mind when typing this review. There might be a difference in 4 vs 8-strand, and @MikePortnoy is going to have the opportunity of comparing them soon. But that will be more in resolution and smoothness than signature I guess, and as @FidelityCastro and I have pointed out - this one is a hit or miss. It's really unique with its full and authoritative sound, but again it's thick midforward signature doesn't make it a no-brainer for recommendations.
      Thanks buddy.
      flinkenick, Dec 19, 2015


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