RHA T10 High Fidelity, Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Very comfortable fit with a lot of bass.
Cons: Too much bass even with the treble filter.
Purchased 29th October 2015
First of all, I just want to say these are the same as the T10i except that these are missing the Apple controls. 
Packaging & Accessories
The packaging is simply amazing. Iirc they're also sold in the Apple stores and they definitely fit in there. The T10s are presented in a retail box with a magnetic lid and a clear window to show off the IEMs, filters and tips.
With the T10s you receive an impressive 10 pairs of tips, 2x S/M/L single flange tips, 2x foam tips and a pair of double flange tips in S and M sizes. You also receive a set of filters with the silver "reference" filters installed and another two sets of black "bass" and gold "treble" filters along with a zippered carrying pouch and clothing clip. Very impressive presentation. 
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Design, Build Quality, Fit & Isolation
These metal injection moulded shells are wonderful. They have amazing build quality and design with a very smooth surface, showing off their attention to detail. They're colour coded so you'll never get the wrong side and their version of the built in ear hooks are quite new to me. Not only have they used the mouldable plastics, they've also put some sort of coiled spring under there which helps keep the shape and I imagine it also protects the cable. They've done the same on the plug too so although it is a straight connector and not my preferred L connector, I'm sure it'll last. It's actually impossible to pull the connector out via tugging on the cable as the spring just simply expands instead so you're forced to pull the connector out without tugging on the cable. The cable is also rather thick although slightly rubbery. 
These are very comfortable to wear as they're very smooth and round, fitting into your ear perfectly. However, due to the big vents on the side for the bass, isolation is not great but it is better than most other dynamics due to their amazing fit and seal. 
P1020408.jpg P1020409.jpg
First of all my setup; I use a FiiO E10K plugged into my PC. Check my profile to see my track list.
These are more difficult to drive so will require more power.
Id' have to say the filters provided with the T10 make rather subtle changes. The mid-bass, mids and vocals are all rather similar with each filter as is bass and treble extension. However you can notice a difference. With the black "bass" filter you can hear more sub bass and the decay time is longer, giving you more body to the bass rumble. With the gold "treble" filter, the mids sound ever so slightly recessed but not too noticeable and there is slightly more treble, but again, not very noticeable. I will conduct the review using the treble filters but the sound from the silver "reference" filter isn't too different anyway. 
These extend very low and offer a ton of bass. You can feel the sheer rumble when putting on a track with bass, even with the gold filter. The decay time of the bass is very long, making the overall sound sound slightly congested. When listening to the track Witchcraft, the bass is very overwhelming. The general mids are smooth yet full and rather laid back but vocals are still forward enough so you don't have to worry about the bass overpowering them completely. Treble is somewhat rolled off and although details are there, you have to critically listen to hear them over the rumble of the bass. 
However, with all that being said, the T10 does have a large soundstage which helps to offset the congested sound. 
Interesting but rather obvious find: If you cover the vents of the IEM, the sound becomes a lot brighter with the treble filter. Time for a T30? 
RHA T10 vs Audio Technica IM02
Unfortunately I don't really have anything quite like this or even in  the same price range to compare so I'll compare the T10 with the dual BA IM02. Fit of the T10 bests the IM02 although not requiring a vent means the IM02 isolates marginally better. It is much easier to power the IM02.
These are complete opposites in terms of sound signatures. The RHA T10 is a smooth, thick bass monster whereas the IM02 is a brighter, leaner analytical monster. Although not extending as low, bass on the IM02 is very detailed and tight whilst bass impact is still plenty strong. Vocals are the spotlight of the IM02 and they are very forward compared to the T10. The IM02 also has better treble extension. After listening to the T10, it makes me appreciate the IM02 even more. 
RHA T10 vs EarSonics SM3
Again, the T10 fits more comfortably but it cannot match a ergonomic BA IEM when it comes to isolation. The SM3 has much better isolation and is also much easier to drive. 
The bass impact of the SM3 is tighter and more detailed than that of the T10 but quantity is lower. They both extend low but the T10 has much more bass rumble due to the long decay time. The mids of the SM3 are thicker and more detailed than the T10  with more forward vocals too. Treble is similar to the T10 in that it is rather laid back and that it doesn't extend as far. Neither are impressive in terms of overall detail and clarity though. What is impressive is that the RHA T10 has an even larger soundstage than the SM3. 
Are you all about the bass? If so this is the choice for you! This has more bass than I'll ever need but it does sound fun and upon critically listening, not a lot of detail is sacrificed either. It has amazing build quality and although they are heavy, they are very comfortable with decent isolation. Backed up by a 3 year warranty, these are worth their asking price as long as you're not looking for a neutral or bright IEM. I wish RHA would create something like this for those who are looking for a brighter sound because I do love the design and fit of it. I believe that's what the T20 is. 


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sound quality, strength of construction and ease of wear.
Cons: Finding the right tips and filters to suit personal physiology.
This is my first review, and as such, it will be brief and based on personal use only. I had been looking for an upgrade to my Shure SE215 iem's and had looked at the RHA website, the Shure SE535 reviews, as well as a multitude of other manufacturers. For the newbie, the range of iem's is staggering and so much more complex than over the ear headphones; especially, if like me you have quite small ear canals and very rigid ear architecture.
In the end, having read as much as possible and thought about why I needed a new pair, I tried to ignore the issue and carried on reading my favourite threads. Which was lucky as I happened across the RHA T10 launch thread, with the chance to win a pair of the new iem's. This was fate intervening I thought, so I entered and didn't win; but, it did help me make up my mind and a pair was soon on order.
They arrived in a very impressive package and came with lots of goodies, that both increased my enjoyment and initial bafflement! Initially I used the reference filters with the smallest flange tips, which gave a very positive sound when I achieved the proper fit, but it was a little hit and miss and at times left me a little frustrated when I moved and lost the sound that I wanted. This went on for a while, until almost at the point of dismissing them as not for me, I tried them with the foam tips that I had originally dismissed as being too big.
Wow! all of a sudden I had the seal I needed to let the T10's sing, music came alive, soundstage was realised and big smiles became the norm. However, it also made me realise that the reference filter was not for me, so I switched to the treble filter and that is where I am staying at the moment.
It doesn't matter whether I use my Colorfly C4, the Fiio X5 or my IRiver HD140, amped, or straight from the HP out, they sound full and rich without being bombastic. I listen to a range of music from the guitar and voice of Billy Bragg, to the histrionics of The Who at full chatter and I need and want iem's that can keep up with me and the music, and I think that I have found them in the RHA T10.
Thank you for reading.
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