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Remax RM-S1 Pro Sports In-Ear Wired Earphone Portable Music Corded Headset HD Microphone Red Color

  • Remax RM-S1 Pro Sports In-Ear Wired Earphone: Remax RM-S1 Pro Sports In-Ear Wired Earphone Portable Music Corded Headset HD Microphone 3.5mm Audio Jack iOS/Android System Compatible Wire Control 1.2m Cable Length Noise Reduction High Compatibility. Product Features: Designed & Produced by: Refine Industrial (Asia) Limited Manufacturer: Shenzhen Remax Co., Ltd. Brand: Remax Model: RM-S1 Pro Product Name: Sports In-Ear Wired Earphone Color: Red Material: TPE Connectivity: Wired Plug Type: 3.5mm Cable Length: 1.2m Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hs Sensitivity: 88dB±3dB Suitable For: Mobile Phones, Portable Media Players, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, etc. Package Included: 1 x Remax RM-S1 Pro Sports In-Ear Wired Earphone 3 x Earmuffs (Different Sizes) 1 x Pouch 1 x User Manual

Recent Reviews

  1. Redcarmoose
    Another Great Sounding Sports IEM From Remax China
    Written by Redcarmoose
    Published Nov 22, 2016
    Pros - Involving Sound Signature For Sports Energy
    Cons - Ahhhhhh? Nope? None? Nada?
    Remax RM S1 Pro
    Price Paid $14.89

    No review on this new S1-Pro Edition on Head-Fi, so I thought I'd write a short review.

    Last year the original Remax RM S1 was my favorite budget IEM, so you could only imagine my curiosity to find that Remax introduced a new variation, "the Pro" at about 1/3 less cost.

    My first question was if it sounded the same, my second question was if it was really just the same IEM with lesser packaging and less extras?

    Well...................................they sound the same, though the listed measurement specifications vary from the original model. This review is going to center on the differences as well as why anyone would search out this China extreme-budget sports-audiophile IEM.
    The Fun Of It All:
    I own four dogs, so dog walks are a big part of my audiophile journey. I discovered that dog walking and IEMs could be a precarious hobby with an IEM always getting taken out (damaged) just due to the mix of dogs and IEM cables. If it wasn't an IEM getting pulled out of my ear, it was the plug getting pulled out of the DAP. So in comes low cost China IEMs to save the day. Not only do they sound great, but if one IEM gets broken, it's not like loosing an expensive headphone along the way. I primarily concentrate on finding sports IEMs just due to the low weight and robust build quality. The added plus is many of the sports IEMs stay in place while running or moving quick.

    S1 vs S1Pro:
    Let's talk about the big differences and similarities between the original S1 model and this new offering.

    Keep in mind too that our low cost China IEMs are normally made in batches. This batch process production results in the IEMs eventually becoming sold-out or hard to find. The original first run production of the Remax S1 Sports IEM is now hard to find. Having a new variant IEM production run, ends up being a great alternative for those needing back-up pairs.

    The Sports IEM Phenomena!
    The Wire!

    Our original S1 had a slightly different cable. The original cable was clear coated and a thicker twisted style. Both models have the same memory wire which goes over the ear like many sports IEMs. The big difference apart from many other styles of sports IEMs results from only a heat formed rubber memory over-ear cable, which stays always in shape.

    Remax uses just memory-material and not an added wire piece, the rubber has been heat formed to hold the over the ear cable in place with out the use of a bendable extra (non-signal carrying) wire strand inside the cable. Once in place the cable stays over the ear. The never-changing start of the curve can be noted in the photographs here. In use this process just simply works, and makes you wonder why other manufactures are not moving to incorporate this technology into their sports IEMs.

    In daily use I never have to worry about bending an internal memory wire around the ear each time, and questioning if the process was done right.

    At worst the wire can fold forwards across the top of the ear and need to be placed back at times. Due to the overall fit, this is one special sports IEM where the memory wire is not needed to hold the IEM in place. Where ever the wire goes, the original fit of the IEM always stays in place.

    Both models here end up a simple joy to use on a daily basis. The extra small form factor just keeps these IEMs in place. In the end the shape is easy to get a fit, feels great and stays in place with little effort or adjustment. The last thing your looking for in a sports IEM is having to adjust the placement every so often. In daily use these excel at placement and comfort with a minimal of concern. They don't fall out and end up the very definition of a sports IEM. None of this fit would even matter, if they didn't sound great too, more on that later.

    The Control Wand And Microphone:
    This ends up right at mouth level for great voice recording while on the phone. The skip, pause and volume controls work well both with Android and Apple, after a flick of a switch. The wand being on the left side is always an easy reminder as to correct side placement in daily use. The S1 and S1 Pro controls are exactly the same.


    Other Differences Between the S1 and S1 Pro:
    The original S1 came in three flat colors and the silver, shown here.The original was not see-through. They were introduced as quad-driver, which added to the mystery of not being able to look inside. You can only guess this quad driver terminology would be pure marketing, as I only can see a single driver inside now?


    Our new clear model does offer us a view to the inside, though at closer inspection the original 1st edition model just ended up with a better overall look. There is a side-by-side photograph here for visual comparisons, if desired. Remax has made a second run and lowered the price and build materials to a small extent. Our new model still ends up being a great value but for the added $5 bucks, I'm pretty sure I would always be more happy getting the original S1 model, if looking for a replacement.

    The new clear style can show glue on the inside along the edges. Our biggest difference was Remax changing the outer aluminum nameplate to a concave plastic plate. Ergonomically the new nameplate may just work out better as the concave style ends up being the perfect place to mount your finger tip when pushing the IEM into the ear? Even the embossed name markings ends-up being a style of grip material which helps keep finger placement easy to do. You can only imagine that these IEMs are truly made with sports in mind. They are waterproof and I once washed a pair in a washing machine and they still worked perfect after. I'm always just slightly amazed at how well they last, even when put in damaging situations.

    The cable for the new model is a slightly thinner design but still seems to be of nice quality. The original S1 cable would actually turn yellow after a year of heavy use, so maybe this was why they chose a new cable covering? All and all the new model is a step down in look and feel, and I would suggest that folks look for the original model if looks, fit and finish are still your priority on a low cost IEM.

    These come only with a pouch and three sets of silicone tips. The original had a cable winder, a pouch, and a set of foam tips extra. As noted the packaging was also much nicer on the original S1 model. Still if sound is your only concern and you find the Remax S1 Pro on EBay for $8.00 USD, you may be happy as a ever with how this new model performs for the price?

    The Sound:
    What can I say? I truly love the S1 and S1Pro signature. For exercising maybe many listen to classical, but I don't. I'm looking for good sound isolation and the ability to produce a strong beat with Electronic Dance Music genres. Add a nice fit and all is well.

    Could you listen to these at home, even on your best reference system? I do! After 50 hours these smooth out and the treble and midrange come forward slightly. They are not the most treble centric IEMs, but very detailed and clear across the sonic spectrum, with 110% of the bass energy and soundstage.

    And That Is Simply The Thing They Do:[​IMG]
    They deliver the energy and drive of dance music in spades. This is in fact what sports people are looking for, that beat to get you motivated. When walking around town or riding a bike, I have never wondered if that cello, had the tonality and character I remember from the concert hall. These IEMs are delivering bass drive energy which seems to work well with modern styles of Pop, Metal, Dance and New Age synthesis. You can also throw movie soundtracks into the mix here too, as they just playback the emotion of movie soundtracks to perfection.

    Is This Audiophile?[​IMG]
    Ahh? Maybe not? Is it fun......? Yes!
    The bass in EDM gets placed in a detailed and forward presentation. Not only is the bass well defined but it also has sub-detail tones that many more expensive audiophile IEMs tend to fail at. The character is also farther stretched into entertainment due to the robust soundstage. If anything I feel this low cost model still nailed the signature that the original S1 was known for. Reading different measurements which are outside of the human audio hearing spectrum, it's simply a matter of opinion if they do in fact affect sound perception.

    If your shown a different IEM with a different cable, slightly different construction, and different measurements, placebo will possibly arrive and change what you think you hear as a signature. Keeping the above in mind, these may have just a slightly better midrange and could actually improve on the original sound signature of the S1?

    If anything most would possibly ask for just slightly more detail and forward stance in the mids and treble. Still it's not that these are hindered by too much darkness or distortion. They would be considered both laid-back and dark. Still there is enough treble detail, and midrange information to keep the signature interesting and fun. I will refrain from words like "sparkle", words like "bright", though. What keeps it all a blast comes from the smoothness and soundstage. Just enough detail and slam here to get your juices going.

    Again when you can combine the price, build quality, the sound and the comfort, you arrive at a value stance few IEMs can match. That is if you can gel with the signature. This hobby is really what signature your used to and what genres of music your looking to concentrate on. That said, the Remax S1 and S1-Pro don't follow any audiophile flat response, but excel at being an IEM which performs their job, with little after placement, placement adjustment. Maybe my most comfortable IEM of them all, and feels like a million $ in my ears. They are low weight, and never fall out unexpectedly, even during sports.

    They Scale Up:
    Take them home and plug them into your home system and they still jump-up a notch in audio performance. Add to the fact that they actually stay flat inside your ear, and you also have a great IEM to sleep with.

    Getting In Bed With The Signature:
    It's crazy because even after thinking about physical IEM burn-in, getting another pair of IEM headphones new straight out of the box, and having them sound just like the burned in ones do, can make you think it's all mental burn in. Many of us maybe fail to understand the strength and power of true mental burn in. We just think it's physical burn-in because our brain ends up being tricked.

    This second pair of S1s had me understanding the sound signature straight away. That said, for many first timers these are still going to be a sound signature to get used to over time. When I first heard this signature a year ago, I thought it had a slight area of distortion, or muddy character of signal. Later I found that they end up being special at only certain genres. That muddy quality or distortion COULD still be there, but ends up being shown as warmth or darkness with Electronic Dance Music.This is the perfect example of a style of music covering up an audiophile defect in an IEM. Do they play all genres of music? They can, but you would be reaching for more treble centric IEMs for vocals, and further, Jazz may come played back with slightly lesser dynamic tone for the enthusiast. That said, the Remax S1Pro smooths out any aggression in Dance music and propels it down the road with a driving force. Drums get the power they need all the time.

    Those Mids:
    Just the fact that the mids are not as forward as some IEMs, and the fact that the treble is there but not as in-your-face as some treble centric IEMs, can take a while to grasp. Remax has always boasted that they produce IEMs which give attention to the full musical spectrum, thus delivering detailed highs, mids and bass. In many ways these IEMs do deliver a detailed yet bass centered response. It's just learning to adapt to the darkness and learning to not need all the treble detail, is when that "ahh-ha" moment comes, where you realize you can concentrate on Dance genres and wear these all the time.

    The Good Stuff
    ^ Easy Fit
    ^ Bass Propelled Energy
    ^ Stays In Place, Even Around Corners
    ^ Costs The Same As A Sandwich
    ^ Ergonomics And Comfort
    ^ Performs Well Above Their Diminutive Size
    ^ Great Price To Fun Ratio
    ^ These Be Warm
    ^ Soundstage
    ^ Build

    The Negative Side
    v Fit And Finish Of IEM Not Always The Best
    v Bass Heavy Love Not Always Loved By All
    v Though Detailed, Not Sparkly In Treble Department
    v Midrange Is Pulled Slightly
    v Consumer-V-Curve
    v Consumer-L-Curve Maybe?
    v No Extras
    v These Be Warm

    In Ending:
    For the genres of music I listen to out and about these are the perfect solution. Many bass heavy IEMs will reveal a boring signature at extended listening times just simply due to the character of response, but not the S1-Pros! Even after many many months, I still find this signature interesting and entertaining beyond the price asked! Though it's not the best at all genres, they nail the sound of Techno, Goa Trance, Hip-Hop and Vocal Trance Anthems!

    The Other Guys:
    Some IEMs seem to lack lower detail and just provide a thump with bass guitar or bass drums. Here we are given a nice spacial soundstage for the lower tones and a smooth fast detail which stays interesting month in and month out. Obviously some megabuck IEMs are going to go slightly lower in tone. These are marketed as providing a soundtrack for sports motivation and in that goal they win 100%. They end up being built well, fit in place and get to a sound signature just right for my taste. Swimming in a huge market flooded with 1/2 way attempts at success, the S1 Pros jump way ahead of the competition at hand. They do have a large air vent which can be seen covered with a red mesh material in the photographs, though they still end with having the greatest sound isolation, this open back design is maybe what gives the IEMs their profound soundstage character?

    The signature ends up being the absolute antithesis of past audiophile ideas. Much of the time this personality of sonic traits goes against our past understanding of audiophile. Most of the time such a response gets met with audiophile disdain and suspect. In many ways these could not be for everyone. Still to find this build quality, overall comfort and sound is fantastic. If your listening to bass heavy movie soundtracks, EDM or Heavy Metal, you may find these are all you ever need or desire out of the house? After an expanded period of time getting used to the signature, you may even find yourself listening to these at home like some strange guilty pleasure. You have been warned.

    Remax RM-S1 Original
    Impedance 32 ohm
    Frequency Response 18Hz to 23kHz
    Input Power 10mw
    Distortion <1%
    Cord Length 1.2 meters
    Driver Size 10mm Dynamic

    Remax RM-S1 Pro
    Impedance 16 ohm
    Frequency Response 20-20,000hz
    Maximum Input 20mw
    Wire TPE
    Cable Length 1.2 meters
    Driver Size 10mm Dynamic

    1. nick0
      nick0, Dec 5, 2016
    2. xxAMAROKxx
      Discovered them in my shelf and WOW, I'm impressed. They sound great and the same for a comfort.
      xxAMAROKxx, Jan 21, 2019
      Redcarmoose likes this.


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