Reloop RHP-10 Limited Edition Professional DJ Headphones (White)

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  1. milisav
    "Surprisingly decent bass cans!"
    Pros - Deep, quality bass
    Cons - Clamp force, cheesy looks
    I got the Gold Rush ones, was an impulse buy i guess , never thought of wearing them in public so i can care less about the "fancy" look. They come with two types of earpads, if you have large ears or wear glasses i recommend you to switch the stock ones right away. They come with a detached cable and i recommend you to keep it detached because that cable sucks big time, i put one of my broken  hd465 and the sound got way better. The short time i had them ,don't know if they need burn in time or not, i can say that the bass is their strongest point and that they're 24ohms. You'll get a deep quality bass for your money without sacrificing the mids and highs, even though they are far from impressive on these cans because the bass kind of overpowers them. I only tested those cans with some Noisia songs, had them only for 2 days, and honestly i'm satisfied with them, probably the strongest bass i heard, but then again i don't have any real basshead cans to compare them with, i'm an akg guy (k240,q701,k81) so yeah mids all the way :D But compared to k81 the bass has more quality and more impact and the mids and highs aren't muddied like with the k81. If you want cheap bass headphones this is the way to go, thp 10 => 68$ are probably a steal. The build quality is mediocre , not the best and not the worst, they are definitely better built than those superluxes (i own 681evo and 668b)... and yeah they are bassier than those cans also. Also a bad thing is if you crank the volume on your amp to 90-100% they distort but considering those volumes on a 24ohm phone are unbearable even if the cans are not on your head i doubt you'll have trouble with that :D