Razer Megalodon 7.1

General Information

The Razer Megalodon is a 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset designed specifically to incorporate the Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine, making it the definitive headset for gamers today. Utilizing next generation HRTF technologies and a superb DSP with unheard of processing power, the Razer Megalodon is the most advanced audio headset of its kind.

Latest reviews

Pros: Soundstage/quality/clarity/everything
Cons: Nothing!
For the price of these($160 when I bought them) they cannot be beat! They have a built in very powerful amp/dac which helps power these very powerful headphones, they have a bigger sound stage than dedicated open headphones as they have built in 7.1 surround sound which open headphones cannot achieve.
The clarity at this price is unrivaled, and have some of the most hard hitting base in headphones.
Nah just kidding, I still to this day regret buying these in my youthful naivety they wouldn't work half the time as the drivers conflict with windows 7/8 90% of the time and they sound terrible for the price. My superflux's at 1/5th the price sounded much better.
The 7.1 surround sound is awful, very forced and muddy. It makes it sound like you are underwater and you instantly loose any clarity you had in the sounds.
I ended up giving them away to a friend who still uses window's xp and doesn't care about sound all that much. I wish I could go back and start my foray into real headphones instead of purchasing these.
Though the only positive to come of this purchase many years ago, was that it made me determined to get better "real" headphones.
I thought you were serious lol
Pros: comfortable, good surround sound, easy to use
Cons: not modable, expensive, bad microphone
This was the first full-size headphone I bought, before I had any knowledge of hifi audio. And I perhaps only bought it to my friends with their Logitech G35 jealous, as these cans were supposed to be superior (they are, but not by much)

The first thing I noticed when opened the package is the excellent packaging job done by Razer. I was not surprised, since I had bought several Razer products before (keyboard, 2 mice, keypad and mousemat; let's just say I love Razer).
Several moments later I rushed to plug the USB plug of these cans into my computer to give them a listen. They sounded much better than anything I had heard before, although if listen to them now I find them horrible. A more detailed description of the sound would be that it lacks engagement and has very soft bass and mediocre highs. But back then (actually less than a year ago) I saw nothing wrong in that.
After I played some of my favorite games with this thing I learned that the surround sound is simply put awesome. I could accurately identify the source of all sounds. Although this could also be done by a reasonable sound card.
After playing a little I decided to go on Ventrilo (voice chat program) to talk with some of my friends. They immediately started complaining about load static background noise on my microphone. I logged of Ventrilo and gave my microphone a listen. Apparently this is an unfixable hardware problem that is present in a good portion of the Megalodons. It could be reduced by tweaking a lot with the microphone loudness and sensitivity, but although softer it still is there. This was probably the biggest disappointment of this headphone.

Conclusion: These cans are excellent for gaming but lack in sound quality and especially microphone quality. If I were to assign a value to these headphones I would probably put it around 70-80ish dollars, less than half of the price. Ah well, we all learn from mistakes, don't we?


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