Razer Hammerhead Pro In-Ear PC and Music Headset

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  1. PeeTzz74
    "Great for bass lovers. Not for audiophiles."
    Pros - Bass. Just Bass.
    Cons - Recessed Sound, Flat Mids and Highs.
    First off.. Read this if you are interested in buying a pair of fairly-cheap, Beats replacement products. Otherwise, go look for something else.
    My friend bought this in a store a few months back and i plan on reviewing them just now... I've used this earbuds lots of times and i've finally got the time to review them.
    Fit: The fit is very good for me, you can push it up to the ear very well and it stays there...

    Versions: There are 2 versions of this, the hammerhead, and the hammerhead pro. The pro comes with a mic, and a splitter of computer use. (you can use the iems for the pc)
    Durability: The main housing is full of metal. No plastic here. All metal. Feels very sturdy, as if it wont break. The cable is very thick, which i really like.
    Accesories, Etc: It comes with 4 types of buds. Standard is the Medium Doublebuds (which is advertised by razer to add more bass and such), and some small, large, and medium sized buds. They are all made of rubber however.. It has a case, though it feels very cheap and might not protect the buds very well for heavy abuse IMO.
    Others: Not for running, the isolation of these are EXCELLENT! The combination of bass, sound isolation, and sound leakage (which there is none), is such a great thing to have if you want to jam out on dubstep.
    Sound Quality: These are massively known for their bass. If you want some cheap copys of beats, you will be very pleased. This is a great bud for dubstep, hip-hop, RnB, or anything that has lots of bass. Subbass extention is great. It goes really low. Mids and highs are reccessed. It's like all of the background music are doing the talking and the vocals are just backtracks. EDM is not recommended cause even though there's alot of bass, the phone itself isn't lively, the bass is just deep, dark, punchy and overall flat. If you want something dark, and bassy for a very decent $50 IEM. These are great.

    Best for: Dubstep, Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB lovers. The bass is just deep and dark. Very well for those genres compared to other IEM's in the same price range.
    Not for: Rock, Metal, Classical or anything that requires some more highs and mids.
    Overall: These IEM's are for BASS-HEADS. The bass will just clober you down. Nothing else much to say... Mids and Highs are recessed, soundstage is narrow... It's like buying a pair of cheaper, sturdier beats iems.
    Other recommendations: For under $50 Try the JVC Fx3x or any of the bass IEM's in their line. It is cheap, sturdy, looks good, and a great value for the money. Better than the hammerhead because of its lively performance compared with this one. For the best IEM under $50, try the Soundmagic E10. I'll do a review for both of those if i have time.
    If in need for some more recommendations, reviews, etc. Just PM me.