QCY Universal APT-X Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones - Black - Reviews
Pros: Price, Comfortable nozzle which stays in your ear. Full pleasant sound. Flat wire without a heavy remote/battery on the cable itself.
Cons: -Maybe a few hiccups in sound when you are near certain electronic devices, but that's what Bluetooth earphones do.
-They are bigger than usual eraphones.
-The box looks rather simple.
I got these earphones as a review unit from Gearbest.com, i specifically requested to review this product.

I wholeheartedly recommend buying from GB as they have always provided me with the proper support\warranty\refunds for the products i bought from them.

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On to the review:

Package\accessories: These came in a cardboard box. Inside you can find the earphones, a micro-USB charging cable, the manual, 3 Pairs of silicone ear-tips and 6 rubber ear hooks which help the earphone stay put in your ears.


Comfort: 5/5

These have some of the best nozzles I've ever come across. They are long,just the right width, any type of tip i have tried fits right on them and they don't easily come out of my ears like other cable-down earphones.


The QY8 are characterized by a fun,Bassy signature, however the bass is not over the top and it doesn't get too snug with the mids. There's a good balance between the frequencies in my opinion.

Grade: 5/5

Midrange (500hz-2.5K):
The Mids are nice and full while maintaining an impressive clarity despite the presence of the QY8's banging bass. I would say the Mids are slightly warm but a notch or two less warm than KZ's ZS3 for example.
Grade: 4.8/5

Upper Midrange (~2.5khz-5.2khz):
This range is brighter on the QCYs. I never find this range quite perfect on budget earphones, but on the QY8 I don't find the need to EQ too much of it.
Grade: 4.5/5

The Treble is present and energetic, yet not too bright or sibilant. A step up from the ZS3,ATR and it's everything I hoped for in set around this budget or even 2x this budget.
Grade: 4.8/5



These isolate you from the environment pretty well, you can still hear loud noises like a motorbike going right next to you, but for the most part there wouldn’t be too many outside noises which will distract you from your music.

These worked great while i was 15 steps away from my phone and a glass door was between the QY8 and the phone (i was standing on my balcony while the phone was in the kitchen during the test).

Performance in Sports:
I tried them during my usual run, they stayed put in my ears even during an uphill run.

Conclusion: These are a must buy. Just a good, solid all-around product.
Beware of fakes! only buy this model from a reputable seller.

They are my new daily drivers now.

I would certainly recommend buying them as a gift as well.