Prodipe 3000

General Information

Are you a musician? Someone who likes listening to music?

Prodipe has added colour to its range of headphones. At home, in the studio or even on the train – they’ll look good anywhere.

The new Prodipe 3000W and Prodipe 3000BR headphones are as classy as they are high performance, offering a professional sound alongside a brightly coloured, stylishly effective design.

Latest reviews


Pros: Good sub bass, warm mids, wide soundstage, balanced sound, comfortable
Cons: jack plug might be a little flimsy
Clones of the Tascam MX2.  Build quality of the headset is strong, the metal sliders have a good grip when adjusting the size.  Quite comfortable.  2.7% of reviews mention about jack plug failures. Come in a selection of colors, white, black/red or black.
Sound quality.  Very flat neutral sound ideal for studio monitoring, but they are musical too, they have a nice warmth due to lower mids being slightly forward and the upper mids are non fatiguing and slightly back whilst having an airy sound.  Sub bass is very pleasant but not at basshead levels, just well balanced.  Highs are just loud enough to be pleasant and neutral.  Soundstage seems to be wide, at least as wide as my PSB M4U1.  Compared to the M4U1 they are less raspy (not as aggressive in the upper mids/lower treble).  They also lose out in terms of detail and speed but for £25 the Prodipe are amazing value.  I am now selling my PSB M4U1 as I love the warm neutral sound of my Prodipes.  In fact I actually like these the most out of the 5 headphones I own, they are very similar sounding to my Philips HP1000 open headphones with hardly any difference in the soundstage and sound tonally similar with more bass.  I would say these sound like £150 headphones, not far off from the Beyer DT250s either.


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