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PreSonus AudioBox USB

  • Capture your ideas wherever you are with the PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2 USB recording system. The AudioBox USB is a USB bus-powered audio recording interface featuring 2 microphone/instrument inputs with 48V phantom power, 2 balanced TRS outputs, and MIDI in/out.

    The AudioBox USB is bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist, our groundbreaking music creation program, and over 4 GB of virtual instruments, plug-ins, loops, and samples to get you started making music immediately.

Recent Reviews

  1. matinsoroudi
    All in One
    Written by matinsoroudi
    Published Apr 12, 2015
    Pros - good price, flat and neutral sound, Simple,Dual-purpose front-panel mic/instrument inputs
    Cons - rough design
    Hi all,

    i used to record my electric guitar riffs with this device. now i regularly use it as a desktop amp.
    build quality is excellent, you can't crack or break it easily if u try!

    i love to listen to music the best it can be heard with my budget.
    i listen on either  Beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80 ohm or se215 IEMs. despite the great recording job, i can enjoy it's flat, neutral and powerful sound on playing music.
    it can drive my DT 770 pro 80ohms nearly to 100dB, so if you are about to listen to loud music, i do not recommend this for higher impedance headphones.

    not the most good looking soundcard in the market, but it's ok!

    so far so good with foobar2000 and ASIO drivers or WASAPI output support components.

    Microphone Preamp
    Type    XLR Female Balanced
    Frequency Response (±3.0 dB)    14 Hz to 70 kHz
    Input Impedance (Balanced)    1200Ω
    THD+N (unwtd, 1 kHz @ +4 dBu Output, Unity Gain)    < 0.008%
    S/N Ratio (Unity Gain, Ref. = +4 dBu, 20 Hz to 22 kHz)    > 95 dB
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio (1 kHz, 55 dB Gain)    > 45 dB
    Gain Control Range (± 1 dB)    0 dB to 35 dB
    Max Input Level (Unity Gain, 1 kHz @ 0.5% THD+N)    -3 dBu
    Phantom Power (±2 VDC)    +48 VDC

    Instrument Input
    Type    ¼"
    TS Female Unbalanced Input Impedance    0.5 MΩ

    Line Outputs
    Type    ¼"
    Balanced Output Impedance    51Ω

    Headphone Output
    Type    ¼" TRS Active Stereo
    Maximum Output    60 mW/Ch @ 60Ω Load
    Frequency Response (±1.0 dB)    20 Hz - 30 kHz

    MIDI I/O
    Type    Dual 5-pin Female DIN

    Digital Audio
    ADC Dynamic Range (A-wtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate)    105 dB
    DAC Dynamic Range (A-wtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate)    105 dB
    Bit Depth    24
    Reference Level for 0 dBFS    +4 dBu
    Internal Sample Frequency Selections (kHz)    44.1, 48
    Power    USB Bus-powered

    Dimensions    1/3U (steel chassis)
    Height    5.5” (139.7 mm)
    Depth    1.75" (44.45 mm)
    Width    5.5” (139.7 mm)
    Weight    5 lbs (2.27 kg)
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    1. headhog
      I have a firebox 8 or 9 years and still going strong.
      headhog, Apr 12, 2015


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