PLUSSOUND Spectrum Universal In-ear Monitor

General Information

Full Range

PLUSSOUND Spectrum consists of a USA-made single full range balanced armature driver that offers a clean and balanced sound.

3D Technology

Driver is housed within a thick diameter enclosure that was designed by us and manufactured in-house using medical grade 3D printers. Earphones are made out of durable hypoallergenic acrylic material and hand brushed with special coating to provide scratch resistance and sleek surface.

External Design

Designed to be stylistic, yet ergonomic.
This design allows for the user to wear the cable either behind ear for critical listening or hanging down for other activities. Measuring at just 27x11mm, it offers excellent comfort and fit.

Internal Design

This unique earphone features a single 3D printed horn shaped waveguide for a more open and detailed sound. As well, an added driver and damper shock mount were designed to prevent movements from ever affecting sound quality and performance.

MMCX Connector

Spectrum features a special MMCX connector developed just for our IEMs. Made from copper based metal in gold plating that offer a significant improvement in tensile strength and substantially reduce signal loss and ensures maximum performance.

UP-OCC Internal Wiring

Driver and connector are only few millimeters apart and joined together using our well regarded UP-OCC wiring. The micro signal path provides consistent conductivity and sound quality.

Exo Cable

Included with every earphone is our popular Exo cable featuring a new 28AWG Copper Type 6 Litz wiring. Made exclusively for our IEM lineup, the wire is soft, flexible, and durable. Improvements in clarity and detail are present. MMCX connectors are made from same material as the earphone connector for optimal durability and reliability. You can also select termination from available options that best suits your needs.

Comply Foam Tips

We have partnered with Comply to provide the best fit and comfort when using our earphones. Spectrum comes withComfort and Isolation and includes small, medium, and large sizes.

Hand Built in USA

Both the earphone and cable are assembled in-house in Los Angeles, California, USA to provide the best quality and sound experience possible. One year warranty is offered on both.

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