Pioneer XPA-700

General Information

Product introduction Achieve a bumper parts replacement of the industry's first ※ 1, 3 single and sound arrangement function, equipped with a 4in / 4out terminals including a balance headphone jack, user strengthen the customization possible in their own subject ~ DSD 5. 6 MHz, PCM as headphone amplifier of 384 kHz / 32 bit compatible USB DAC featured ※ 1 portable type (October 17, 2014 point, Pioneer survey) I only to the world. Born to Reborn-. This equipment in order to be reborn, was born. Eliminate any restrictions that stands in customization. Parts replacement, and homestretch of sound quality, how piled wiring and .... All of these without compromise, freedom. Time, I was full. This earlier, was entrusted to your hands. Rules do not, I just stick to their own. Pioneer XPA-700.


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