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Pioneer SE-M390 High Performance Ported AV Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

  1. bcasey25raptor
    Good value for electronic music
    Written by bcasey25raptor
    Published Dec 31, 2010
    Pros - good sound quality, good bass, good build quality
    Cons - little big, extremely long cord, harsh on high volume
    Pioneer SE M390
    The Pioneer SE M390 is a budget closed back headphone with an MSRP of $60. This remains as my first venture into higher end audio. Being 1.5 years old you would expect some wear and tear and probably broken headphones at this price. But alas it has survived being thrown around, dropped, even a car crash(I wasn't driving). The only wear i see is that there is some chips in the plastic above the driver where the 2 arches arch over the headphones. Also it has a piece of fabric that keeps the headphones in place which is all crumpled up and has pieces falling out. Worst yet it has become hard making it slightly uncomfortable. Finally the jack has had some shredding issues but it's not in any way that prohibits usage. A little electricians tape fixed it.
    Sound Quality
    Yes here we go. your all wondering what these sound like aren't you? Well now you find out. If I were to give you an example of a pair of headphones that sound like these I will say Beats Studios with more bass. Yes I said it, $60 for a similar sound signature to the Beats Studios with more bass. Then again it's not really more bass but bass that reaches lower into sub bass regions. Beats Studios don't do that.
    Mids: The mids are masked by the massive bass of these headphones. It can make vocals and guitars hard to hear or make out.
    Highs: The highs are recessed and laid back. not up front or enjoyable at all.
    Bass: If you want bass look no further. I give you bass champions under $60 (The Sony XB500 may have more bass but I haven't tried them).
    Speed: These are slow bloated bass monsters
    Accuracy: These are not very accurate but are perfect for masking out bad sounding recordings. Anything will most likely sound good with these.
    Amped Performance
    I found when you amp these They gain a bit of a bass boast. I still don't know weather this is good or bad. It depends on who you are. But overall are very efficient.
    I used both a Fiio E7 and Fiio E5 to test this.
    Final Thoughts
    If you want very bassy headphones under $60 these are a safe bet. They won't dazzle you with details but they are definitely fun. But they will only work with slow bassy genres like Hip hop and electronic.
    1. VIK96T
      Great review.
      I've had these for about a year and I love these the only problem for me is their foam earpads. If you know anybody that sells pleather or leather earpad replacement for these it would be awesome. Otherwise I COMPLETELY love these.
      VIK96T, Dec 9, 2011
    2. bcasey25raptor
      From my experience the earpads aren't replaceable. These are good but i rarely ever use them anymore.
      bcasey25raptor, Dec 10, 2011
    3. VIK96T
      Yea same here.
      VIK96T, Dec 10, 2011