Pioneer SE-CL721-K Headphones, Black/Red

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  1. tswmcello
    "Great Value/Price Ratio, Overall Very Enjoyable"
    Pros - Deep Bass, No need for amplifier, Clear Highs, Style, Brand, Price
    Cons - Mids are Average, Build Quality
    Overall I really like these IEM's, I purchased them after having tried out just about ever skull candy earbud (which are fine for the price you pay). But, I am an audiophile and my full sized gear and my car gear is just so far superior that I was really missing some decent sound where I could't use my other equipment. So, I decided to look for some good earbuds. After considering earbuds in the price ranges of $10-$200 I just decided to play it safe and get something reviewed well (on amazon) and inexpensive for the meantime until I get a chunk of cash for something serious. Well, these earbuds actually shocked me, I expected $15 of performance but I actually prefer listening to these over my Vmoda Crossfade LP's when I want something with more forward highs and less assaultive bass. I listened to the klipch S4i's before purchasing these and although these aren't really very similar I prefer these equally in different ways. Just very dynamic and overall nice buds, plus they look great and are made by a legend in the audio business. Only qualms are Mids are just average, and the build quality is average, but for $15 seriously.. who cares. Would recommend for listeners of, electronic, rap, rock etc. and I even enjoy indie on these but to each their own.