Pioneer SE-30

General Information

Produced: 1968-1971
20-20,000Hz Frequency Response
0.5W Max Input
8 Ω Nominal Impedance
Full size (1/4") TRS Stereo plug
Weight: 13.3 oz. (without cord)
Made in Japan

Latest reviews

Pros: Comfortable on the ears, Great sound quality, build quality.
Cons: heavy, stock pads dry rot. highs rolled off.
I bought these headphones used on ebay back in early 2009 from the original owners. The headphones were dirty, but in unused condition. They came complete with original box, instruction pamphlet, and packaging materials. The sound quality is very good for a late 60's to early 70's headphone. They sound way better than anything I've ever heard from this time period. Bass and mids are decent, but the highs are a bit rolled off. They still produce clear enough sound to be considered Hi-Fi in my opinion. They became very comfortable after I was fortunate to find a pair of pads from a junked pair of Neumark headphones that fit the SE-30 headphones perfectly. They are thicker than the stock earpads and don't suffer from decay like the stock ones. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone interested in vintage headphones.  


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