Pioneer MASTER-1s

General Information

Rare high end headphones from early 1980's:
These were Pioneer's flagship headphones circa 1980-82, with price tag of $130.00, the cost was approx. 3x more the Pioneer next level down set of headphones.

Latest reviews

Pros: Details, Bass, Mids, all sound right in very compact design. comfortable and portable
Cons: not many still around
The sound of master 1s is trully great for its size, especially the lower end. As you can see the NOS arrived with deteriorated ear pad and it still sound good with lot of bass extension. Even after removed the pad I listen with no pad at all still sound amazing to me. I think the Variable chamber design really bring out the full spectrum of sound.
The lower end can go as low as 10 hz and as high as 16k hz which was tested with my ear (I am 42 so it might limited my hearing up to 16k). The sound stage is great and image is solid. You can hear every detail, such as a well drived Akg k240DF with more body plus the bass from Sennheiser HD650. The head phone can easily beat any modern on the ear headphone under $200 and over the ear headphone under $150 IMHO. The vocal is just right, not too forward neither setback. The mids is what I like the most, uncolored yet very lively.
Comfortable is excellent due to lightweight and open sound design. I have the headphone on my head 4 hour straight when I first got it and I just can't take it off, it make you want to try every music you love to see what it can bring to you.
I highly recommend this little gem if you are a vintage gear collector. Grab it if you see one!  


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