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Experience Blu-ray content in a whole new way. Open your eyes to a whole new realm of...

Pioneer BDP-51FD BonusView Blu-ray Player

  • Experience Blu-ray content in a whole new way. Open your eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities. A world unlike anything youve ever known. Where watching movies and entertainment at home will never feel the same again. And everything you see, hear and feel is more thrilling than you ever thought possible. Brace yourself for the wonders of spectacular 1080p resolution and for unrivaled image quality. A world where True24FPS ensures every movie you watch is now viewed just as the director intended. Set your sights on a single-wire connection so technologically advanced now one HDMI® digital connection is all you need to output both HD audio and video signals to your HDMI capable A/V receiver or HD flat panel. Get ready for a world where pictures and music come together in a brand new way on a Blu-ray Disc Player with HDMI control, powered from a single remote. Delivering 3 different noise reduction circuits, 7.1 channel analog audio outputs and internal audio output, this Blu-ray Disc Player brings added dimension and more stunning detail to everything you see, hear and feel. Its a world where years of technological innovation make everything youve ever seen or heard before ordinary and mundane by comparison. Where WolfsonTM Audio DACs featuring a signal-to-noise ratio of 117db provide the purest, most pristine music and movie soundtrack performance available. And an exclusive Jitter Reduction Circuit utilizes Pioneer-developed IC to digitally reshape the waveform of the audio clock. Empowering the Pioneer BDP-51FD with a stunningly impressive ability to reduce jitter in every piece of content you see or hear. All of which create a home theater experience...so unbelievably thrilling, it will move you in ways you never knew possible. Ultimately, its a world so completely different, so beyond extraordinary...it will change the way you look, listen and feel about watching movies at home, forever.

Recent Reviews

  1. Paul Graham
    Amazing, Stunning, Beautiful!
    Written by Paul Graham
    Published May 25, 2012
    Pros - Best Digital Audio Source I have
    Cons - I got this just before 3D and wish I had waited! Still a great source though!!
    I won't write a review just yet as I don't have much time, But will say this has to be my best purchase in the last 6 years.
    As a bluray player it delivers amazing picture quality, Really dark blacks allowing an amazing sharp yet natural detail to images.
    It upscales with no difficulty at all and really does a great job of it.
    As a digital audio source its pure bliss, FOR ME anyway.
    With 4 Wolfsen DAC's onboard it delivers the most natural soundstage and detailed lows and highs,
    out of all my sources, The BDP-51FD is by very far my favourite, Simply for its delivery of sharp, detailed yet warm sound image. 
    This was the one piece of gear in my collection that opened my ears to a whole new level of audio quality that I hadn't experienced before.
    The only downside is that it led to me spending more money on the ongoing quest for better sound! lol :)
    The price in use is a rough guess as i don't have any receipts handy and it was a few years back now that i bought it... But it was around £300 gbp.
    1. Grado77
      It's a very high quality CD player too. Send the signal from the L/R Wolf's to a high quality headphone amp with stunning results. I do, can't be beat.....................enjoy!
      Grado77, May 25, 2012


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