Philips SHL5000/10 Headband Headphones

  1. Star2806
    Very cheap good quality headphones
    Written by Star2806
    Published Aug 6, 2014
    Pros - Clarity, soundstage, bass, midrange, balanced natural sound signature
    Cons - very slightly recessed treble
    Bought these for just over £5 from ebay [​IMG], they retail for around £13 on amazon uk.  Sound signature is very natural with smooth midrange.  Occasionally the highs can be slightly recessed but they are very clear along with clear bass and mids.  Bass level is superb and is very satisfying.  Detail is about average, but excellent considering the competition in this price range.  Soundstage is amazingly wide for such cheap closed-back headphones, although compared to my Philips shp8500's they dont have as much grace or finesse in soundstage presentation.  If you are looking for budget portable headphones, I would highly recommend these.
    1. MarcoGV
      I agree. You can find them at huge discounts; they are comfortable and have a good balanced natural sound signature. I bought one used in very good condition for $5 in October 2011 through amazon.  The similarly looking (but with a different, 40mm instead of 30mm, driver) SHL 5500  (see  are better and can be found around $25 at amazon now.  Still, as you wrote, the SHL5000 can be highly recommended for someone on a tight budget.
      MarcoGV, Aug 6, 2014