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  1. dieTasse
    "what do you expect?"
    Pros - Sit very well in my ears, cable clip included
    Cons - hideous design, sound, price
    Bought them today for 20€ to use them till i get the bose mie2i and try out how this type of headphone would be like. the sound is okay to watch dvds on you notebook but just muddy if you want music. they don't even come close to my akg k-141 mk2. The heights even sound very heavy and muddy.
    I think i'll pass them on to my aunt if i am done with them and let her try them out while doing sports.
  2. phillyd
    "Even at $15, they're overpriced"
    Pros - Comfortable, waterproof
    Cons - Terrible sound, low durability
    They sound bad at every frequency, and at every volume. After a few months of use, they're falling apart. The cord tangles easily.
  3. Squeedly
    "Swing and a Miss"
    Pros - Stay in my ears, durable.
    To be fair, if your favorite break on the way to the gym (exactly what happened to me) and you need something to hold you over, for $15 these are just fine.
    If you in fact like music to sound good, these are the wrong choice.
    They do stay in my ears well. They look ok I guess, not a hard ear bud guy but whatever. 
    For the sound think standard iPod headphone "Bass Edition".
    They sound good if only one thing is happening, if you want a low note and a high note prepare for audio diarrhea. The bass is just all over the place, a few songs sound ok and electronic music , and newer gen metal sound pretty good but everything else sounds pretty rough. Apocalyptica, "Metallica on 4 Cello's" is an exception. The songs are very simple and very bass oriented. 
    Anyways they are pretty good work out headphones if you like to have bass driving you, the bass actually helped me work out harder but my ears were very fatigued afterwards.
    If you want value, I would say these are ok but Koss earhooks are a way better option.