Phatlab Chimera


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Enough output power to drive any headphone
Great build quality
Dual tube and JFET modes
On the fly gain stage switching
Extremely black background/low noise floor
Solid battery life
Cons: No 6.35mm jack
Micro USB

*The full written review was originally posted on my blog.

What’s crackin’ PAR fam? In this review, I’m checking out the Phatlab Chimera tube and JFET dual-mode portable headphone amplifier. The Chimera has a bunch of interesting features, in particular, a seamlessly switchable Triode and JFET gain stage. Other features include a 4.4mm balanced output, high output power plus low and high gain modes, making it compatible with sensitive in-ear monitors as well as demanding full-sized headphones.

Over the past few years, portable HiFi has continued to grow in popularity and complexity. Nowadays, people want a more diversified approach to their music listening with the option to take the music with them when they’re on the move. In addition, they want to be able to switch between various headphones and earphones while using the same source. Enter the Phatlab Chimera.

The Phatlab Chimera is perfect for anyone looking for a portable and powerful headphone amp. With the option to switch between tube and JFET modes on the fly, it’s versatile too. It’s compatible with all types of headphones and IEMs, whether they’re warm and thick or bright and analytical; you can choose whichever mode fits best.
Any idea who to contact in the U.K. about getting this, kind regards
@F700 obviously way too late to reply (I really miss the old Head-Fi notifications) but I have not heard the Dethonray. Needless to say, I think if you like the HA-2, you would like it even more with the Chimera.
@Miniculthero I'm not aware of any UK distributors at the moment but you could try dropping a message to Eric via the contact form on the Phatlab website. He'll let you know what options you have.