Penon OS849 2020 version


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Premium SPC IEM cable for a bargain price
Pros: Surgically remove that unwanted peaky treble & shrill
maintaining the treble details & give body
Better sub bass rumble, mid bass & higher mids
Better sound field all axes - width, height & that depth
Cons: Better to take in that daily dose of vitamins, this upgrade will surely keep you up late @ night on your listening sessions
This unit was purchased by me @ Penon
Price: usd.129
I am the same as the rest of us, a patron of quality sets at real world prices.
This is the latest version of the original OS849 SPC IEM cable built by Penon in 2018
The specs:
  • Type-4 Litz configuration (for 2020 version)
  • 6n single crystal copper silver-plated cable
  • Contained 8% silver, the thickness is 10μm,
  • 8 Cores, single core is 49 strands, a total of 8 × 49.
  • The plug contains 68% copper
  • The solder joints is silver –contained tin
  • Carbon fiber metal splitter and CNC integrated slider
  • Sound field is very big and very natural
  • Cable length: 1.2M

OS849 2020 version

Upgrade cable used on:
1. Acoustune 1670ss - Tonality: mild V, good sub bass rumble, fantastic mid bass, NO bleed, organic mids albeit a little recessed, detailed trebles, some sibilance & peaky shrilly trebles (this cause fatigue to me)
A really huge sound field; excellent width x good height, fair depth
Level of engagement - from very to extremely high
2. Penon Audio Sphere - Tonality: Inverted L, with good amount of treble details, good bass, Fantastic mids
A good sized sound field
Level of engagement - good to very good

Breaking in period (Burn in duration) : +100 hours
The Benefits: (Improvements over the stock cable)
Please note that the Acoustune stock cable is already a very good Pentaconn OCC-SPC set
Sub bass improved dramatically, on some tracks we go sub-woofer mode, NO bleed maintained, sub is properly defined from mid bass, improved bass texture overall
A very significant improvement on "raising" the Mids. Vocals no longer recessed, properly position on centre in front above the forehead
A lot of upper mids, lower treble to upper treble detail retrievals
Fans of hi hat cymbal crashes are gonna love this

Mostly an all out performance level 3d holographic imaging
with better Depth this time.
Vocals as mentioned above on centre in front of listener w/ fair to good distance from the listener.
There is an enveloping feeling & on some good albums a full 360 imaging w/ sound effects emanating from behind the skull, on top of shoulder and / or overhead

May I point out using the same for Sphere, there is a staggering improvement on the overall dimensions of the soundfield.
Bass improved and scaled up everything, so are the mids & top end.
I personally rate the price to performance ratio of the OS849 2020 to 5.
We want to maximize the potentials of our dearest In ears.
A cable upgrade seem a logical step in the right direction.
The Penon OS849 v.2020 is a very worthy upgrade.
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Wes S
Wes S
@John Massaria Just take a look on the Penon website, you might be surprised how affordable the OS849 is, and especially for the performance and materials used.
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John Massaria
John Massaria
wouldn't have been quicker just to say the price? ($119.00 – $129.00)
updated guys. price of unit is shown. thank you for reading...