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  1. narco dacunzolo
    Written by narco dacunzolo
    Published Mar 8, 2019
    Pros - combines good technicalities and natural sound
    sweet vocals
    sounds good with most musical genres
    premium build quality( shell filled with acrylic resin)
    Cons - bass could have more impact and body

    The SH3 is the latest flagship model from the swiss company PEARS, it mounts 3drivers each side and was designed to have a flat and reference signature.

    PEARS is not much famous in the audiphile community, so here you can find some info about their philosophy and history:

    PEARS is born from the meeting of Samuel Harsch, acoustic engineer and founder of harschacoustic, and Stéphane Rochat, electronic engineer and musicians.In 2012, Samuel Harsch manufactured his first custom in-ear monitors made out of acrylic resin, for himself and for some of his friends and colleagues.In 2014, given the success encountered with his first prototypes, he devoted his partial working time to make in-ear monitors and launches the model SH-2, dual driver. In 2015, Samuel Harsch decided to create a more powerful and flat in-ear monitors; the SH-3, triple driver, is launched in spring 2015. In parallel of this year, Stéphane Rochat joined harschacoustic as freelancer by doing at beginning a study market for understanding more the Swiss market and the wishes of musicians about in-ear monitors. In October 2016 the brand PEARS is officially launched as 1st Swiss made custom in-ear monitors.

    Samuel Harsch
    Co-Founder / Acoustic Engineer
    Samuel has always been passionate about sound. In primary school already, he designed and built various speakers. From 2005 he was hired as an acoustics engineer at Phonak. He was in charge of the acoustic part of many research projects and various products such as custom made hearing protection devices called Serenity (passive and active) or the in-ear earphones Audéo PFE series that have won numerous awards and mentions on various specialized blogs and forums, both in audio quality and comfort. He filed 7 patents for Phonak as inventor or co-inventor, including the patent of the interchangeable acoustic filters that was one of the key points of the success of the Audéo PFE series. In 2013, Samuel takes the decision to reduce his working time at Phonak in order to focus on in-ear monitors and other personal projects. He develops speakers and various acoustic elements for a Swiss company, Audio-Performance in Echallens: a waveguide and an adjustable directivity horn for line arrays as well as various filters, small speakers and subwoofers.

    Stéphane Rochat
    Co-Founder / Electronic Design Engineer
    Stéphane wears different hats here at P·EAR·S. He handles all the business stuff like sales, marketing, artist relations and different technical aspects such as electronic & acoustic too. Stéphane’s been messing with music since his childhood. He started by studying classical guitar followed by jazz guitar in different music schools for many years. In 2006 he graduated from University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg with a degree in Electronic Engineering. In parallel of his former job, he worked as sound technician during 4 years at Fri-Son Fribourg in order to understand more technical aspects of live music. Since 2011, he is working at Phonak, using his skills in acoustic and electronic engineering. In 2014, he did postgraduate studies in project management for improving his knowledge in business. Stéphane brings to P·EAR·S a wealth of experience in the music and an experience of more than 10 years in different R&D departments. In addition to the business stuff, Stéphane is also involved in new developments for the next generation of P·EAR·S.

    This unit was sent me for the purpose of this review, i am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own. This company usually produces custom fit iem, they can sell universal fit too under request.
    For more info about PEARS , you can easily contact them on their facebook channel: https://www.facebook.com/pearsaudio/

    PRICE: 1083 USD

    DRIVER CONFIG: Triple Driver dual mid-low/single high 1 passive crossover



    PACKAGING: my units arrived in a simple aluminium carrying case, from what i see on their site, they use a carrying case made of wood too. Inside the case, you can find a cleaning set, pouch and cloth in microfiber. Both SH2 and SH3 comes with a standard copper cable( standard plasticsone cable).

    SOUND: the SH3 has a reference signature, but with enough body and sweet vocals to avoid a boring reproduction. It sounds accurate, with good tonality and resolution to satisfy audiophile needs too.

    BASS: maybe the weakest point of the SH3( and usually the weakest point for BA drivers). It is quite flat, a boost from 20 to 100Hz helps to have a fuller sound and sweeter vocals. If you are looking for a big bass, or a fun signature, this is not the iem for you. The SH3 was aimed to combine good technicalities and a natural sound and for this purpose, is a great iem. Bass has enough impact and body to make the SH3 a good all-rounder with most musical genres, and i think the custom fit, can give you a better bass response. Overall, with Spinfit cp145 i can get a satisfying bass response.

    MIDS: the strongest point for this iem: both male and female vocals sound enough rich and bodied, creating a great balance with the clear treble. Vocals never sound thin, but quite rich with exellent timbre and realism. There is no sibilance in female vocals like my inear SD5 and can compete in many ways with my Aroma YAO, that is one of the best vocal iem i have ever tried.

    TREBLE: treble is clear, showing good resolution and details and giving great presence to instruments like violins, cymbals and strings. This helps to have a mature sound with good technical abilities. Sometimes, it can sound a bit harsh, due to its revealing nature, special if used with a clear sounding player and with bad recorded tracks. From my experience with custom iems, i think the SH3, could have better bass response and less hot treble with a custom fit iem.

    SOUNDSTAGE: soundstage is very wide, with great layering, showing a good out-of-the-head experience. Depth is average, here i would have preferred a better balance of width and depth. If i can find one area to criticize is the soundstage, that like vision ear VE8 has great width and layering, but sometimes you can loose the focus of instruments around you. Maybe too much holographic, but don't know if this problem will be still there with a custom fit iem.

    pears1.jpg pears4.jpg


    PEARS SH-2: the SH2 shares almost the 80% of the SH3, with the same timbre, but it lacks the technicalities and sweet vocals of SH3. Soundstage is less wide, but more rounded, with better depth, thanks to the vocals placed more behind the scene. SH2 is slightly more organic, darker, fuller, a bit more fun with more mid-bass presence. SH2 is a good all-rounder iem, sounding good with most tracks, SH3 has a more flat,detailed and a more mature reproduction.

    SH3 VS INEAR SD5: SD5 has a w shaped sound singature, compared to sh3, it sounds more fun and engaging, with more boosted sub-bass and upper treble and overall a better bass quality. Where the SH3 clearly wins is on vocal reproduction, giving much more body and realism to both male and female ones. On SD5 female vocals can sound a bit sibilant. Upper treble on SD5 is more forward, giving more sparckles, on the other side SH3 has less boosted upper treble, but gives more finesse on violin or string instruments. SD5 sounds engaging and fun, working better with more modern tracks, on the other side SH3 has a more mature reproduction, combying in a better way technicalities and natural sound. Soundstage on SD5 has more depth and more or less same width of sh3.

    SH3 VS INEARZ EUPHORIA: EUPHORIA has a more u shaped sound signature, with more mid-bass presence and slightly fuller reproduction. Vocals on euphoria are rendered in a more “liquid” way, on the opposite, the SH3 has a more organic and realistic vocal reproduction. Treble on Euphoria was tuned to result innofensive, but is less detailed compared to SH3. Both are exellent iems, Euphoria has a more modern approach, sounding good with many players and tracks, on the other side SH3 sounds a bit more sterile, but with better technical abilities.

    SH3 VS nfaudio NF6I: the nf6i is another great iem, if you are looking for a good reference sound. 6i has a bass response similar to SD5 with a more sub-bass boost compared to sh3, vocals on 6i sound drier, on the other side on sh3 they sound more organic and fuller with a better sense of realism. They both have similar treble extension and detail retrieval. Soundstage on 6i has more depth with a more precise instrument positioning.



    OPUS 2: great sinergy: reference and natural sound with wide soundstage, female sweet vocals. Can easily drive the SH3 on mid gain, with high gain bass gains more impact, but soundstage is too much holographic.

    Opus 1s: more organic reproduction, more rumble on sub-bass area, vocals are more organic and gains more emotions compared to the leaner vocals on the Opus2. Great left/right channel separation, but less width compared to Opus2.

    Opus3: more fun reproduction, with more boosted bass and less forward midrange, a bit clearer on top end, sounds more harsh and less natural compared to Opus 2, but portrays more details on top end. Better to use on high gain and push the volume to 85-95 to have a satisfying volume level.


    • 10Hz – 18kHz
    • 117dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
    • 25 Ohms
  2. audio123
    PEARS SH-3 - Musical Trio!
    Written by audio123
    Published Oct 12, 2018
    Pros - Controlled Bass, Sweet Midrange, Smooth Treble
    Cons - Depth is slightly closed in.

    PEARS is a Switzerland company that specializes in custom in-ear monitors. They have 2 iems in the SH-2 and SH-3. I would like to thank PEARS for the review unit of the SH-3. At the moment, you can purchase the SH-3 from PEARS .



    • Driver Configuration: 3 Balanced Armature
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 18kHz
    • Input Sensitivity: 117dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
    • Impedance: 25 Ohm
    Unboxing & Acessories

    The SH-3 comes in an unique pear shaped wooden package that is 100% Swiss made. After opening the package, there are the IEM, 2 pins 0.78mm detachable cable, pack of tips, cleaning set, special pouch in microfiber, microfiber cloth, pin badge and sticker.


    IEM Build & Design

    The SH-3 has transparent clear shells. On the faceplate on each side, there is a wood finish with the brand logo, brand name and model name in silver color. The nozzle is slightly angled. The iem utilizes 2 pins 0.78mm cable. The SH-3 has an ergonomic design with a comfortable fit.





    Cable Build & Design

    The cable is a detachable 4 core cable with 2 pin 0.78mm connectors. On the connectors, there are blue and red dot on the left and right side respectively so users can differentiate. The connectors have transparent housing. The cable has a memory wire section that is enclosed in a transparent heat shrink tube. It is not very flexible due to the metal inside that helps to form the shape. The chin slider is made is made up of a transparent tube and the y-splitter is made of a soft rubber material with strain relief. The jack is 3.5mm gold plated right angled with strain relief.


    Sound Analysis


    The sub-bass of the SH-3 is extended moderately with tightness. There is a natural rumble expression. Each bass note is articulated with a smooth and controlled hit. There is good quantity. The bass decay on the SH-3 has moderate speed. Bass texture is rendered with great smoothness. The mid-bass has fair body and it is able to express the slam with sufficient weight which provides the necessary impact. It is relaxing to listen to without any signs of aggression or density.


    The midrange is presented in a smooth manner with moderate transparency level. There is a tinge of warmth. The SH-3 is able to express its midrange soothingly and vocals are enjoyable to listen to. There is good satisfaction with strong mastery. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals are showcased with no signs of hollowness and dryness. The upper mids has slight forwardness and female vocals sound sweet. The SH-3 is extremely competent in the vocals reproduction.


    The treble extends well with no sibilance and harshness. There is moderate crisp with lack of sparkle. The treble has good body and the presentation takes on a smooth approach. The amount of air rendered is great and it offers space at the top end. The controlled expression helps to provide a relaxing fatigue-free listen.


    The SH-3 expands with good naturalness and the width has a good magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in with sufficient space rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments has moderate precision.



    PEARS SH-3 vs Custom Art FIBAE 3

    The FIBAE 3 has more sub-bass quantity than the SH-3 and the SH-3 has greater extension. The FIBAE 3 has a fuller sub-bass reproduction while the SH-3 expresses it in a more clinical manner. Rumble on the FIBAE 3 is presented in a natural manner. The mid-bass on the FIBAE 3 has additional quantity and the slam is expressed in a full manner. Each bass note on the SH-3 is articulated with slightly more strength. The bass texture on the FIBAE 3 is rendered more smoothly than the SH-3. Bass decay on the SH-3 is slightly quicker and there is a higher engagement level. The midrange on the FIBAE 3 is fuller than the SH-3 and it benefits vocals reproduction. The transparency level on the SH-3 is higher. The lower mids on the FIBAE 3 is slightly thicker than the SH-3 and it helps to express male vocals better. The upper mids on the FIBAE 3 has a little more forwardness and the female vocals has higher intimacy level. For the treble, the SH-3 has greater extension. The amount of air rendered is greater on the SH-3 which gives a light and airy feeling. There is more treble body on the FIBAE 3. The FIBAE 3 has additional sparkle. Lastly, the FIBAE 3 expands naturally for its soundstage. The SH-3 has greater width magnitude while the depth of the FIBAE 3 is more closed in.

    PEARS SH-3 vs Earsonics Velvet V2

    The SH-3 has more sub-bass quantity than the Velvet V2 and it boasts better extension than the Velvet V2. The sub-bass reproduction on the SH-3 is fuller than the Velvet V2 and it is able provide greater satisfaction. Rumble on the SH-3 is expressed with additional naturalness. The bass texture is rendered more smoothly on the SH-3. Bass decay on the SH-3 is slightly quicker and the agility contributes to a higher engagement level. The mid-bass on the SH-3 has more body and it is able to deliver the slam in a more punchy manner. The midrange on the SH-3 has fullness while the transparency level on Velvet V2 is higher. The lower mids is slightly thicker on the SH-3 and it benefits male vocals. The upper mids is more forward on the SH-3 which elevates the intimacy level of female vocals. For the treble section, the Velvet V2 has better extension than the SH-3. There is no sibilance and harshness on both. The SH-3 is much smoother in its treble with extra body. There is additional sparkle on the Velvet V2 to inject liveliness to the overall sound. Lastly, for the soundstage, the expansion on the SH-3 is more natural. The SH-3 has greater width while the depth on the SH-3 offers more space than the Velvet V2.


    The SH-3 is a musical sounding iem that is able to provide controlled bass reproduction, sweet midrange and smooth treble. It has an impeccable performance that captivates listeners. In addition, the faceplates have nice wood finish and the packaging has an unique feel. The PEARS SH-3 is a highly recommended iem and it delivers with a strong showing.


    For more reviews, visit https://audio123blog.wordpress.com/ .
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