Large form earpads for comfortable fit Single-sided monitoring system Large-diameter...

Panasonic RP-HT260

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  • Large form earpads for comfortable fit
    Single-sided monitoring system
    Large-diameter driver units 40mm (1-9/16")

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  1. QyababAM
    "Bang for the buck!"
    Pros - Sound quality, comfort,
    Cons - Plastic holding the earcups,Headband, Isolation (they are semi-open)
    I own these for already 3 years. Picked them for about 30$. They still look like new except the plastic holding the earcups broke after several months. That was easily fixed by super glue and no issues since then. But there are some things to consider: I think it might sound weird but I feel like the part of my skull where the headband is is slightly deformated [​IMG]. Also my ears hurted afer 30 minutes during the first months of use but now they sit perfectly !  The cable was stressed countless times when getting out of the chair but is just fine! I would suggest to glue something soft to the headband :) . These sound amazing for the price. The instrument separation is great, detail level is 4/5. Using them with my soundcard- ASUS Xonar U7. To be honest I have noticed a slight difference in sound quality compared to onboard realtek. However these arent really ment to be used with soundcards or amps - there are no big advantages of using it with an amp IMHO (That's why i'm planning to get Sennheiser HD 598) [​IMG]. I think they are made to sound great with portable players such as iPod. Also they leak sound and are not sound-isolating so bare that in mind!

    -0.5 stars for my poor head [​IMG]
    Overall highly recommended ! A must have for anybody looking for cheap but excellent sounding headphones! [​IMG]


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