Panasonic DMP-BD10 - Blu-ray Disc player - upscaling

General Information

A BD-Video disc can hold huge amounts of video and audio data. To unleash its full quality potential, you need a disc player that provides 62.2 million pixel-per-second video processing plus audio processing that's 1,000 times higher than typical CD players. The Panasonic DMP-BD10 goes far beyond those specifications. With 15 billion pixel-per second processing and 192kHz/24bit audio for each of eight channels, this Blu-ray Disc Player provides a level of image and sound quality that is truly amazing. At Panasonic, easy operation is important too. The DMP-BD10 comes equipped with HDAVI Control, a function that links operation of an HDAVI Control compatible TV and receiver, so you can control both at the same time with a single button. With the DMP-BD10, Panasonic invites you to discover an entirely new dimension of entertainment one with HD-quality images and sounds that surpass anything you've ever experienced. HD monitor required.


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