Oriveti OH800

General Information

Oriveti OH800 flagship earphone is made with 8 balanced armature drivers per side. OH800 have a hand made resin shell with excellent ergonomics, for long wearing comfort and great looks thanks to the deep British racing green finish.

The acoustic design features a metal nozzle with 3 sound tubes, an internal diffuser wave guide, dual bass / quad mids / dual treble crossover design. Cable quality is excellent, featuring a very pliable, soft 8 wire cable made with silver plated copper and flush fitting 2-pin connectors.


  • Impedance: 15 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 10 - 40,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 110 db
  • Connector: 2 pin
  • 8 wire, braided, silver plated copper cable, 2-pin, .78mm
  • Includes: round leather carry case, 6.5mm adaptor, flight adpator, cleaning tool tips:
  • 3 pair Xelastec tips
  • 3pair bullet shape tips
  • 3 pair bowl shape tips
  • 2 pair foam tips
  • 2 pair double flange tips
  • 1 year warranty

Latest reviews


Headphoneus Supremus
the "OH" that sings
Pros: Top-tier tuning
Resolving mids and highs
Never sibilant
Incredible vocals performance both male and female
Very coherent 8BA
Sound separation
Cons: Imaging (instrument placement)
Subbass is lacking

Disclaimer: This demo unit is a loaner unit from Stars Picker (Malaysia), we agreed to exchange the unit for a review by holding a full amount of cost. The demo comes without a full package which means it doesn't have the official box, tips, etc. Just an IEM and its cable.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/StarsPickerAudio/
Check em out!

Very balanced tuning with a competent resolution from lows to the highest but a little caveat at the lowest region (could be lower than 60Hz, unfortunately I have no measurement rig).

The tuning of OH800 reminds me a lot of a successful Sony’s second flagship, ier-M9. Neutral. While they both almost share the same tuning, M9 sounds warmer because of a slower mid-bass and a late rise of the pinna gain. However M9 has better bass in the lowest region which is missing in OH800 (it has the sub bass but muted compared to M9). OH800 on the other hand boasts its mids and highs for being balanced and more controlled, I would say better than M9. The resolution of OH800 is top-of-the-line and better than M9. This is neither a warm-sounding IEM nor dark. OH800 carries everything and I’m shocked on how this is being tuned very very well.

Build and comfort: The nozzle is not protrude and the body is in a medium size.

Sound signature: Balance

1. 9038s (2.5mm balance cable) - I thought I liked it at first but I was wrong. This pairing only focuses on mids and highs with much less dynamic. It is rather flat and boring.
2. Apple Dongle - Balance (add IEMatch and it is my favourite pairing)
3. Ifi XCan - mixed review, not a fan.

Sonic presentation
Bass= A-

Lack sub bass region, no sub bass rumble (Hip Hop listener is not gonna enjoy it)
Mid and upper bass are accurate and has the rumble when it is called
Not the most dynamic compared to top-tier BA bass like ier-M9 but the transients are better.
Some EDMs are just fine but when it comes to subbass focus EDM, it falls short

It has sweet pinna gain
Very detail without BA timbre
The separation in the mids region is great and musical
It is balanced through mids (it is really a balanced set)
Music goes through together with vocals well without anything being in front of another

Excellent lifelike vocals performance that has enough note weight to not sound thin or overly thick
No bass bleeds whatsoever
Very well separated from the rest of instruments in the track
Background singers are also excellent
No problem with duet (male & female) tracks
Placement of vocals is just right, not too forward, not in a blanket (I prefer with IEMatch)
Very well textured both male and female BRAVO!

Smooth and well extended top end
Carries micro-detail effortless
Can be lacking of bites in certain tracks like classical, etc. Mostly hi-hats if you are a treble head, depending on which tips are used (foam definitely kills the highs).
-advantage; kpop doesn’t sound sibilant at all

This is where OH800 falls short. The imaging needs to be improved quite a lot. The instrument placement is lacking. Though, it has great separation to not feel congested. A touch of imaging could lead this set to another level of excitement.

Tips selection are important, find the smallest tips that are sealed and fit the deepest. They are indeed can be altered with different tips.

Test Track
spoiler, I write this while listening to them, so probably you will get some OH SO GOOD! Etc etc...
Test Track (listened with iPod Touch and IEMatch on high setting)

13 Test Track Spotify Link:

Paint by Moonmoon: (Male vocal centric)
Well textured! Male vocals sound sweet here. The ending part with multiple male vocals gave me goosebumps. Really. It is crazy that you still can hear the main vocalist while also each of the background vocals. BRAVO!

Love Alone by IU: (Female vocal centric)
IU sounds LOVELY. You can hear her vocal texture. Full of emotions, I can’t find any bad things for this track. The guitar also sounds grand. No “thinness” just full of emotions and well delivered. Again BRAVO!

Angel by Chancellor and Taeyeon: (Duet Male and Female vocals)
Very airy. Very musical. No problem, OH800 is top of the line delivering vocals male and female as I said earlier. Taeyeon sounds godly here. OMG it is that gooood! I started to crank the volume higher and highhhh...

Every End of the Day by IU: (Female vocal centric with complex music)
Again, this is a hard track.I hardly find any set that can do well separating the instruments in the track. Happily OH800 performs very well with a caveat of blurry imaging but excellent separation. It’s good and easily one of the top sets that I’ve ever heard.

POPSICLE by UHSN: (Imaging, complex, separation song)
OH800 delivers the track with plenty of resolution and nothing is jumping across the frequency. It is well balanced but not the most dynamic either. I’m fine listening to this but it is not the best I’ve ever heard. Mostly due to imaging. It is just left and right, failing to give an exact place for each instrument. The best I’ve heard was KSE1200 which is months ago.

Occupied by Rich Brian: (Subbass and imaging track for male)
Oof! OH OH no way. Where is the subbass? There is no subbass rumble here. The soundstage is also just average and it shows during the intro of the song. OH800 does not shine in hip-hop sadly.

Your text by Sundial: (Soundstage and pinpoint imaging test)
The soundstage is just average, probably quite narrow. Everything is separated but man OH800 really needs some more imaging. It has a hefty resolution but in a flat plane. No holographic feeling here.

Bad guy by Billie Eillish: (Subbass and layering for female)
The bass in this track is not as low as Occupied by Rich Brian but OH800 suffers a bit to deliver this in a fun way. Quite not-really-dynamic kind of bass here. Billie sounds amazing still.

Psychosocial by Slipknot: (Multiple metal instruments track)
Rocks sound safe here. It is smooth. Hardly for me to bang my head. Everything is okay but not enough bites. The resolution is good though.

Feel Special by Twice: (Pop electronic music)
KPOP electronic sounds so pleasing. NO SIBILANT OMG. You can hear the details in this track which is hard for other sets due to sibilant. It is an eye-opener for me to finally listen to the details in this music. Last time I heard the details only with KSE1200.

Blah Blah Blah by Armin van Buuren: (EDM, almost dubstep but not a hardcore dubstep)
OH800, midbass no problem. So I can still enjoy this track very well. Tons of details. No sibilant again. Though, keep in mind it is still a BA bass.

Cumbe by Rodrigo y Gabriela: (Can be a “typical” audiophile track?)
Things sound grand here. I like the guitars, it is a lifelike guitar. Not thin, not thick. Just a good grand sound. For the bass, mid bass are just fine but don’t expect a dynamic rumble kind of bass. I still enjoy it very much. Start banging my head at the end of the track. Great one.

Chicken Noodle Soup by j-hope and Becky G: (Pop Hip Hop Top 40 Hitz kinda of track, New waves)
I think kpop is really an OH800 forte. You hardly find anything sibilant with this set. The bass is fast and great. Can’t complain much.

I would leave this one empty for this time. Comparison without AB them together is not really accurate but you can ask me down in the comment and I will "recall" as far as I can. These are previous sets:
YB04 (review unit)
iSINE 20
Campfire Solaris
Empire ears EVR
Anole VX (3Day audition unit)
Meze Penta (review unit)
Andromedas V3
Fearless La Hire
Fearless S8 Pro
Kanas Pro
Fidue A83

Oriveti has an impeccable start with its flagship set. $800 price range has a hefty price competition with a lot of tribrids coming out like Thieaudio Monarch & Clairvoyance to name a few. There are things that need to be improved but most of them are just from technicalities of the BAs that they have with. The tuning is excellent and I would say it competes TOTLs’ tuning out there. The transients are also great. It is shockingly balanced throughout the frequency and musical at the same time. It is even better when added the IEMatch, to me personally this gives so much more balance throughout the frequency and makes things even resolving and musical at the same time. This set is on the top in terms of resolutions from mid bass till highs but fall short at the very low. I would say the resolution is still below VX but with emotion and definitely above ier M9 (Big thumbs up!). When you start listening to vocal songs, R&B, etc, this set SHINES!

Gallery (nothing with the Comet's box, it happened that the box was there during shoot)







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Hello .... I know the comparison with Anole VX and S8 Fearless Pro
@fabio19 VX is more bass boosted with a lot thinner note weight, resolution VX is still superior. S8P is not as crystal clear in terms of vocals but has better down lows and a lot more energy up top, still vocal is better on OH800.
Very good review 👍


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