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Although more affordable than its predecessor, the DV-S525, youll find nothing missing from this second-generation, overachieving DVD player. In fact, we added more. It now shares all the great audio and video features found in its more expensive siblings, like a Burr-Brown 96 kHz/24-bit DAC system, an enhanced black-level control, a SCART connector, and digital outputs that pass DTS/Dolby Digital/PCM signals. Plus it also features a new front-panel cursor control that allows for complete front-panel operation, power-on-and-play buttons for added convenience, and a redesigned remote thats makes the DV-S535 even easier to operate in the dark. Add in its top-notch construction, brushed-aluminum panel, easy-to-use onscreen display, and superior sound quality, and youve got one outstanding value.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Great sound good pic easy too use,oh did I say great sound.plays CDs and DVDs a great bit of kit
Cons: Slight whine noise but not annoying
Great sound and picture let's be honest that's all we're after :D


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