OE2 audio headphones - Black

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  1. winzayer
    "Comfy, but ears get so warm after a few songs."
    Pros - Comfortable foam creates noise reduction, balanced sound
    Cons - Creates heat on ears quickly. Awful looks when worn.
    Thinking back, I really liked these earphones when I had them. I brought them onto airplanes and definitely felt the noise cancelling effect that came with the bose memory foam. However, all things considered, they really heated up my ears after a short while and I couldn't keep them on. Also, if you wear earings on your earlobes, these definitely push against them and can get uncomfortable after a while. In terms of sound, these were nice, I never had any complaints about the sound, but the heat from the pads was just too frustrating. In addition, these looked awful when worn because the headphone band would pop up and look somewhat mickey-mouse like. Expected better from Bose. I sold my pair and now own the AE2s. These have their issues, but they are a better investment than the OE2.
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