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Representing a generational leap in performance, singularity is the culmination of years of development on single dynamic driver earphones.




Nightjar's proprietary method of driver design for Timbre+ allows Singularity to achieve a leap in performance without the usual metallic, lean, or bright tuning usually required to achieve a high level of technical capability in a single DD.

Singularity achieves this through a meticulously designed diaphragm, drive assembly, and internal chamber. Nightjar's bespoke solution optimises airflow while balancing the moving mass and magnetic flux of the driver to achieve a technical yet natural presentation with robust bass performance and properly extended highs.

Said-acoustic know-how has been dubbed CAthedral – a custom chambering solution meticulously crafted to deliver a vast and natural soundstage that feels remarkably authentic, boasting impressive intricacy and layering.
Unlike most IEMs, Singularity ensures an exceptional emphasis on stage depth, taking your listening experience to the next level.

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500+ Head-Fier
Nightjar Singulairty: Rise of the Nighjar
Pros: * Timbre-perfect sound
* Impressive, impactful bass
* Rich, sweet and lush midrange
* Safe treble: no sharpness or peaks
* Fun and musical; can be listened for very long
* Amazing packaging and accessories (nothing comes close)
* One of the best pairing cables
Cons: * May be the small nozzles but good eartips help with fit
Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me. Today, I'll be reviewing the highly-praised single-DD driver iems, Nightjar Acoustics Singularity. These iems have been widely praised in the community. Nightjar released the first batch of iems in July 2023, and they sold out very soon. There have been more batch releases since then. I had the opportunity to borrow these IEMs from a friend for a few days, and it's worth noting that they had been used extensively before I received them, ensuring they were properly burned in. All these things I am going to mention in this review are totally my thoughts and not influenced by anything.

Rating Criteria:

I want to lay out my rating criteria before we start off. For me, the primary criterion for evaluating audio gear is its intrinsic value rather than its price tag. A higher price doesn't always correlate with superior quality, and similarly, a low-priced product can give enough listening pleasure for it to be called outstanding. I consider the build, features, and, most importantly, the impact on the listening experience. The fundamental purpose of audio gear is to enhance the listening experience. So for me, this degree of enhancement in the listening experience is a key determinant in rating a product.

Rating below 4: I really won't be posting reviews of such items unless someone has asked for them.
Rating of 4: The product is good, and some users may find it more satisfactory, but it does come with a few caveats, such as price, fit, etc.
Rating of 4.5: The product is excellent and comes with an easy recommendation, reflecting its high quality and overall positive attributes.
Rating of 5: This product can be deemed groundbreaking, a trendsetter, and an eye-opener and deserves a spot on everyone's list due to its exceptional features and outstanding performance.

Configuration (from the website):


Design, build, fit:

Singularity is a work of art.
From the box to accessories to the iems and cable, everything speaks highly of the craftsmanship that Nightjar has put in. The bamboo box in which these iems come is so beautiful and special. Then comes the beautiful metal case, which has a very nice finish with ample space inside. There is a very decent collection of eartips, notably the Divinus Velvet Eartips, which also come with these iems.

The cable is something very special again, which is priced at 500 USD, and it pairs very well with the iems too. It's on a thinner side and tangles easily, though. I would have preferred it just a bit stiffer.

The iems are quite small, having a metal body that feels really sturdy. The nozzle lies on the shorter side and is angled slightly. Some people may have some fit issues. The eartip selection is important, as I felt it pairs well with some eartips with solid insertion to hold the iems in the ear properly. I paired them with the Azla SednaEarfit Light eartips, which give a proper fit with a decent amount of isolation. Notably, these tips also open up these iems more than the Divinus Velvet tips. Additionally, the Coreir brass tips help open up the sound as they give extra energy to the upper mids and treble region.

Additionally, there is a vent present on the iems which mitigates pressure buildup. I encountered no issues of pressure buildup during my time with them. I also never encountered any driver flex in these iems.


Sound Analysis:

Singularity boasts a highly musical and timbre-perfect sound. The sound has a warm signature that is very natural and rich in tonality, something that can align with everyone's preferences. There is a very good amount of bass, some great mids and a very coherent sound, which makes it quite pleasant. The smaller shells and non-fatiguing nature of sound help with long sessions.


The bass is quite special on these iems. There is speed, impact, and a powerful bass, which goes really deep. The quantity is quite massive for a single DD iem. It's not a basshead level of bass, but there is surely a good amount of bass there, which can satisfy someone's hunger. There is a boosted bass, so this bass may perceived as not very crisp and precise, but it fits well in regards to a DD bass definition.

There is no bass bleeding into the mids, but the boosted bass does add to the overall richness in the sound. There is a noticeable subbass rumble, which makes the bass a lot more enjoyable. One good thing is that despite the heavy bass, there is no listening fatigue as I find with some other bass-heavy iems. This bass is just the right amount, quite enjoyable, a pure bliss. I find it quite incredible.


The mids on Singularity are very special. They are sweet and natural, perfectly positioned—neither far behind nor too upfront. Mids have good weight and gains from the lower end, especially the lower mids. The vocals are rich. Both male and female vocals are quite open and lush.

The string instruments also sound very rich. The upper mids are quite controlled, and the extension of the string instruments is very smooth and pleasant with enough body. It does not have any sharpness up top, which makes it quite non-fatiguing to listen to.


The treble on these iems is not quite a highlight. It lacks a bit of energy and air in this frequency range, resulting in a more laid-back and relaxed treble response. I am not much of a treble head so this quantity is just enough to me. Importantly, there's an absence of undesirable sharpness and sibilance, making these IEMs well-tuned and safe in that regard. It's worth noting that, despite the robust bass, it doesn't overshadow the treble, maintaining a balanced and clear audio profile without any sense of darkness.

The selection of ear tips can significantly impact the perception of treble. For a better treble experience, the Coreir Brass tips are the ideal choice, as they add a subtle boost of energy and openness to the upper frequencies. The sound dispersion is notably improved when using these tips.


Source Synergy:

Singularity is quite easy to drive. It has a good synergy with the sources I tried, LPGT and Earmen Angel. However, to my surprise, the Angel has a better synergy with these iems than the LPGT. Angel has a slightly bright profile and is quite powerful, both of which are added advantages for the IEMs. Angel adds a bit to the missing treble airiness in Singularity. The sound is more open and spacious, too. I absolutely liked their pairing with Angel. One thing to add is that these iems open up quite a lot with additional power. Paired with the Aroma A100TB amp, they opened up a lot with a massive, larger-than-life-like sound.

With the Astell&Kern SP3000, these iems sound quite open, as the dap adds a lot to the soundstage. The pairing with this dap is better than with the LPGT.

Cable pairing:

The included cable with these iems is truly exceptional, and I believe it requires no alterations or enhancements. Nightjar also manufactures some good-quality cables, and they have demonstrated their cable expertise with these iems, ensuring an optimal pairing. The default cable exhibits outstanding synergy, and its market value of 525 USD signifies its superiority over cables offered by many other iems manufacturers.


The soundstage on Singularity is above average, if not very impressive. There is a good sense of spaciousness in the sound, and with some powerful sources, there is quite an improvement, and the stage spreads out far and wide. Imaging on these iems is quite nice, and you can position instruments easily. The resolution and clarity are very impressive too. The notes sound clean and crisp. I think for an iem of this price, the technicalities are more than impressive.


Sennheiser IE900:

IE900 is another much-respected single-DD iem. I find both of them equally good fitting. IE900 is weightless and simply disappears in the ears. With the right eartips, they stick quite nicely and easily inside the ears. Initially, while using the IE900, I had this sensation of the iems popping out quite often because I did not have the best-fitting eartips on it.

Both of these iems have different sound flavors to offer. Singularity has clearly a lot more bass (boom) than the IE900. IE900 has a good amount of bass but is not as overwhelming as Singularity. It's bass is crisp and precise. It has more energetic tuning with some spice up top. Mids and treble are more relaxed on Singularity.

Softear Twilight:

Twilight is another great single-DD iem. It boasts a timbre-perfect sound signature. Though it looks a bit bigger than Singularity, thanks to its super lightweight design, it's quite easy to use. The shape, though very unorthodox, does not bother me much.

Both of these iems are quite similar in their sound presentation. They have an almost similar technical presentation too. The big difference is obvious with the huge bass impact Singularity has. Mids and treble are equally relaxed on both of these iems. With the right amount of bass on the Twilight and more forward mids, as well as the significant price difference, it becomes tough to pick a winner between the two.



When I tried the Sony IER-Z1R, it almost reminded me of Singularity. The sounds on these two are quite different, but somehow I related a few things. The bass on both of these iems is too good and equally satisfying, and they both are very musical iems. And for the people who have a fit issue with the Z1R, they can really find peace with the Singularity and not miss much.

To be honest, this iem has its own league. It stands out in the crowd of single DD iems with its massive bass and a very pleasant timbre. It feels like it has been tuned and designed following a rule book, keeping fun aspects in mind. It does not sound like a totl killer, nor will it give you a super wow kick in the beginning. It will grow on you. You can wear them comfortably for hours without any fatigue, which is what I really like about them. The overall package provides a very satisfying ownership experience. These iems have everything to be one's favorite. It's quite impressive of Nightjar to build something like Singularity, which gives a good insight into what one can expect from future releases. I rate these iem 5/5.
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My favorite IEM so far. Absolutely incredible achievement!
@OhmsClaw I don’t have them atm. Be assured the bass will not disappoint you.

@FOUNDERZERO absolutely. It’s a complete package. Absolutely adore them.

@deep2285 thanks bhaiya.
I'm having fomo for the Duality over the Singularity when that comes out X'D


1000+ Head-Fier
Nightjar Acoustics Singularity
Pros: Timbre & Coherency
Engaging while relaxing
Pressure and fatigue-free
Can surprisingly be genre-agnostic
Musical, natural yet articulate listen
Low-end emphasis is more qualitative than quantitative
Cable's fit and finish, look and swappable terminations
The launch edition's bundle for the price
Cons: Nozzles on the thick side, especially due to the lip at the end
Spring-loaded Beryllium-copper 0.78mm 2-pin feel a bit counterintuitive/delicate (might be me)

If the opening scene would be a spaceship landing on a desert-barren planet where, inside a derelict bazar partially drowned by sandstorms, a wooden box would be dug out of the sand, carefully set on a table and opened to reveal the Nightjar Acoustics’s Singularity — they’d be right at home.

While the IEMs have been paid at retail price out of the author’s pocket, I would nonetheless like to send my heartfelt thanks to Zeppelin & Co. for making this purchase possible — thank you so much guys!

The object — Equally ancient and futuristic in design, the Singularity are understated yet elegantly crafted IEMs one cannot help but feel are special.

The IEM have a nice heft to them and have an artisanal, handcrafted, flair that is a joy to hold — not to mention the choice of materials for this launch edition.

Having learned to appreciate thin and flexible cables, the 2-wire Vanguard cable with multiple terminations is not only a perfect match for the Singularity but also among the very few bundled IEM cables that strike a balance in terms of flexibility, looks and quality.


Fit & Comfort — The shells are small enough with well-rounded corners to fit most. The nozzles are however on the short and thick side. Although they did end-up providing a decently comfortable fit, they lean more towards Oriolus (usually a no-go here) than Campfire Audio (usually perfect).

The vents ensure a genuine pressure-free listen, even on bass-heavy tracks though one might be surprised to read what follows on this particular topic.

Tips used: Subtonic House Tips — note that tips will impact the sound a significant extent in this case and impressions can strongly differ in-between listeners


Sound — The Singularity present an engaging yet relaxing but especially, musical, natural yet articulate, and fatigue-free listen with one of the most natural timbre and soundstage heard to date.

Textures are present but will vary depending on how the track was mastered which is somewhat of an underappreciated quality. While the low-end emphasis is there, it does not hit anywhere near what graphs might imply. If the Singularity's low-end makes you ponder, the take here is that its quality is likely going to impress you more than its quantity. In that regard, the Singularity can surprisingly be genre-agnostic.

As the cable allows for swapping terminations, the following differences have been noted using sources with similar single-ended and balanced implementations: balanced sounds tighter and more controlled all the while remaining a relax listen whereas single-ended sounds less controlled and more relaxed.

Files / Sources used: CD-quality FLAC bought from Qobuz & Tidal HiFi streaming / Sony ZX507, NW-WM1AM2 (Direct Source: On) & Aune M1p


Conclusion — There’s IEMs you listen to and compare to others and there’s IEMs you just listen to. The Nightjar Acoustic Singularity distinctly fall into the latter category.

The wooden box and metal case of the launch edition are, for the price, just the cherry on top rounding up a boutique audiophile product with a sound I foresee many will hunt down in a certain online bazaar years down the line.

The Singularity are pure bliss and a genuinely singular IEM — hats off Nightjar Acoustics!

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Agreed, I didn't really understand it either — and my write-ups are, well, write-ups, not reviews by Head-Fi's standard but hey, I hope I can bring something a little different to the table.
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@kmmbd surprisingly there was no page either, which I created just couple of days back. I hope more reviews for this extremely good iem.
Francisco Evangelista
Francisco Evangelista
These are incredible for those who like bass! I have found the perfect balance for the extra bass on these with the Fatfreq Premium gold plate pure silver cable and Whizzer Easytips SS20! soundstage increase greatly and you get more treble and details with this combo, its a perfect match (for me ) ! Highly recommend!!
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Formerly known as Mrooop70
Himalaya + Blacksoul cable anyone, save $1,000 or more? If they were.closer to same price I would choose the singularity. I have IMR Dark Matter, would love a comparison with them.