NICEHCK EB200 200 Ohm Earbud - Cheap does not mean bad. Expensive does not mean good.!

General Information

NiceHCK EB200 earbud + AAW Accessport + iPhone 7 = Budget Audiophile on Steroid!

NiceHCK EB200 is technically a high impedance earbud. 200 Ohms is definitely going to need an amplifier. The build quality is excellent. Cable is not microphonic. Beautiful carrying case with the word NiceHCK emboss on it.
I tried to pair it with my AAW Accessport and the result is amazing. I am expecting crappy sound because I am quite worried that this small little amplifier would not be able to drive this earbud with authority. Surprisingly listening to Andy lau masterpiece on my IPhone 7 gives me the chill because it actually sounds good.

Treble is detail but it is not sibilant. That is good because I hate hot treble. I can't understand how some people can withstand piercing hot sibilant treble!!

Mid is very engaging, giving you the feeling of standing on the stage with the singer. Suitable for audiophile type of music with lots of vocal. Listening to Amazing Grace by Susan Boyle is very engaging. Wide sound stage, with ample depth and width.

Sub bass is ... ok earbud sub bass? Hmm why not? I listen to the song "Like a G6 by Far East Movement" and I was like omg the sub bass is there! Not barely there but is actually present! Then next track Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eye Peas... hmm ok I am not hallucinating.. this bad-ass earbud have strong sub bass present which does not bleed/overpower into the mid and and treble.
Listening to last song before I sleep .. MMMBop by Hanson.. ok I can confirm this earbud definitely make it to my fav earbud list along side with my K's Earphone 500 and Wong Blur black earbud. I like to call it black earbud cAuse I can t type in Chinese.

Good Night Sweet Dream!

Note: You can get this earbud from Aliexpress from NiceHCK store.


1. Product Name: NICEHCK EB200 200ohm earbud
2. Brand: NICEHCK
3. Model: EB200
4. Type: In-ear flat head earphone earbud
5. Impedance: 200Ω±10Ω
6. Earphone sensitivity: 106dB/mW
7. Frequency range: 20-30000Hz
8. Interface: 3.5mm
9. Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm
10.Color: Black/Blue
11.Whether with mic: No
12.Earphone plug type: Line Tpye
13.Earphone category: HIFI
14.Drive unit: 15.4mm Dynamic unit drive

NICEHCK EB200 correct Impedance is 200±10Ω
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