Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 Headphone Cable

General Information

This is the new Version 2 Silver Dragon Headphone cable for Sennheiser HD-800 , HD-650 , HD-600 and HD-580 headphones and any other Sennheiser headphones that have the 2 pin connection system. We also use it for the Sony Qualia, AKG Pro Series and any other headphone that uses a connector attachment System. This cable can also be hard wired to Grado's, AKG, Audio Technica etc etc...

The cable uses a 4 x 99.998% Ultra Pure Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors.

Each conductor is made up of a special varying size stranding geometry. The silver stranding is mixed with Kevlar stranding to reinforce the conductor. Making it stronger overall and less prone to failure due to the harsh constant flexing a headphone cable receives.

The conductors are then surrounded by cotton and then a layer of Teflon tape.

The new version is now also shielded and placed in a polyethylene jacket for further protection.

The Version 2 is quieter than the Version 1 with no micro phonics.

The pin connectors are soldered to the conductors and then molded to the cable. The splicing method used by other cable companies using a stock Sennheiser cable's connectors is a poor method. And defeats the purpose of replacing the cable. That method requires you to once more send the signal through the poor quality conductors in the stock Sennheiser cable as well as through one more solder joint. Moon Audio, Cardas and Zu are the only three cable companies I am aware of that use a preferred method of headphone connection method

The version 2 is more flexible than Version 1 and can be easily coiled up.

The wire is soldered to the connector of your choice with Cardas silver solder. The default 1/4" Plug is the Furutech FP-704(G). The default 1/8" plug is a Neutrik NYS231B. And the default XLR is the Black Neutrik NC3. The wire is then covered in 1 layers of Techflex braid.

The detail and speed of this cable is truly amazing in the midrange and high frequencies. It will shock you how much of a difference it will make over the stock cable. And will remove the veil all Sennheiser headphones seem to have.

If you listen to Jazz, Blues, Classical, Acoustical or any very detail orientated styles of music, then this is the cable for you.


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